Are you struggling with Abandonment or Neglect?

Dear Diamond Girl,

It’s all about Healing Your Wounded Inner Girl.

Today I want to share my recent Livestream video that delves into the sensitive topics of Abandonment “Issues” and Neglect.

You can also listen to this episode: This Podcast Is For Women Episode #85 – Healing Wounded Inner Girl – Abandonment & Neglect

As a child, I felt so lonely that I would press “0” to call the Operator, just to speak with and hear an adult’s voice. 📞

Back when I was a kiddo we had landlines, and operators would diligently answer your call. Wow! An instant adult anytime I needed it – until one clever Operator caught on. In this video I share that story.

I also went MUCH deeper into the topic with my private membership group iHeartLoveAcademy. In both the video and the private class, there were MANY women who were NEGLECTED in the relationship, and this is different than “abandonment issues.”

By the way, you can join my private group anytime and binge ALL my past classes anytime you need them!

Let’s explore the distinction between abandonment and neglect.

Abandonment vs. Neglect:

Often used interchangeably, these are two distinct experiences that can impact our emotional well-being. Abandonment refers to the feeling of being left behind or rejected, while neglect stems from a lack of attention, care, or support.

Understanding this difference is crucial, as it allows us to address the root causes and find effective solutions.

The Journey to Healing:

The discerning questions to ask yourself whether you are feeling abandoned or truly neglected are: is this relationship meeting most of my needs? Am I getting enough quality time with my partner? Do I feel ignored and avoided, or safe and connected?

Abandonment Issues are often feelings that a person is about to leave you, or that you can’t trust another person to return or behave consistently. These can stem from childhood neglect or may be part of your ingrained nature.

When you’re hyper-vigilant that someone may leave you, looking for signs and hidden meanings to support or alert your feelings of abandonment can sabotage your relationship and wreck your sense of well-being.

iHeart Love Academy: We dive deeper into Sabotage & Finding Safety

In my private group, iHeartLoveAcademy, I taught a private class on the deeper exploration of the issue of neglect and abandonment.

My community serves as a safe space for women who need coaching, support and validation.

In both my group and the live video, some women discovered they are actually experiencing feelings of neglect, not abandonment. Feminine Energy awareness is key in observing yourself, pausing on a response and finding what you truly need.

Healing Abandonment:

I share these tips in the video and go much deeper in my private class in iHeartLoveAcademy – but here’s a quick list to help you NOW!


You must communicate with Wounded Inner Girl. Mentally, sit her down in front of you. What does she need to say? What are her fears? How can ADULT YOU support her and remain fact based? Fear is often rooted in childhood. Adults work from logic and reasoning. Soothe Inner Girl with Adult-based facts.

Are you truly in danger? When you feel yourself activated in even a mild flight or flight (sympathetic nervous system response) – Hold your hand to your heart center and ask: Am I truly in danger? Am I safe in this moment?

What brings on feelings of safety? For me, when I am eating or drinking, I must be safe! But that is not a sustainable action. So I look for safety cues, and I repeat and practice them so they stick.

Whether that is digging my toes in the sandy coastline or walking amongst the trees, I observe what my body feels in those SAFE moments and transport myself there 2-3 times a day for 20-seconds. You can also become familiar with peace and safety and use it as a tool to regulate a hyper-vigilant system.

What places or experiences bring on a strong feeling of safety or comfort?

Are you ready to go deeper into your own Healing Journey?

I’m happy to provide you with additional support. I invite you to dive deeper into this topic by joining my iHeartLoveAcademy private membership group.

Together, we can create a community where healing and growth flourish.

Sending you much love and support on your path to finding joy, peace and harmony.

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