What to Do & Say When Emotionally Broken Men Use You

Dear Diamond Girl,

Today I’m excited to share my latest video with you, about how to protect yourself if you’re involved with an emotionally broken man.

Emotionally Broken Men can be very alluring to women in their Masculine Energy because we want to save and help them.

Get all the tools you need in this video to protect your heart, save your relationship, express your boundaries and stay grounded in your all-feeling Feminine Energy.

You can also listen to this episode: This Podcast Is For Women Episode #87 – How Emotionally Broken Men Use You & What To Do and Say

The Emotionally Broken Man Is Also Seeking Validation

In this video and podcast I share tips on how you can utilize Feminine Energy in your relationship with the Emotionally Broken Man but not be manipulated, misled or controlled! Don’t miss this video and pod episode.

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Adrienne Everheart

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