Spring Recap: Promises, Commitment, and Self-Love

Hello Beautiful,

I don’t practice gratitude often enough, yet I’m working on it.

I’m setting aside time each day to truly savor the beautiful moments. I close my eyes and travel to a lovely time or look around and relish the now.

Ask yourself: where do I feel safe & calm? How do I know in my body that I am safe? What am I feeling in my body that signifies safety and calm?

The picture above is me with Toki at one of my favorite places—the beach! I’m so grateful for this trip and the special time I had both alone and with my pup.

My days were blissfully simple: a few hours on the beach each day, reading, watching the waves, marveling at the sky, and people-watching. In the evenings, Toki and I would play on the beach. Sometimes, I explored quieter parts of the island, hunting for shells and enjoying the solitude.

So for me: the beach is a setting where I feel calm. My body feels an independence that is gratifying (not lonely). My limbs feel at ease, muscles soft, shoulders down. I become unaware of time.

Practicing this type of gratitude is already making a difference in my life. I feel more connected, calm and my brain and body are relaxing.

Like many, my mind tends to focus on the negative—it’s a survival instinct, right? Won’t you join me in practicing gratitude daily, at least for one minute? How does it feel in your body? What places or experiences feel safe?

I’m also grateful to share the beautiful moments and lessons we’ve encountered together. From deep talks on YouTube to quick inspirations on Instagram, we’ve truly embraced a journey filled with love and learning.

Here are some special highlights I cherish:

YouTube: Understanding Promises in Relationships

In our heartfelt YouTube talk, “IS HE WASTING YOUR TIME? – broken promises & not keeping his word,” we explored the delicate topic of promises in relationships. If you’ve ever felt stuck waiting for someone you love to make an important step forward in the relationship, this video offers gentle wisdom to help you feel more secure and valued.

Podcast: Let’s Find Happiness

My latest podcast episode, #81 Happy Women Swear by these 3 Things is about how you can drive a man wild with respect, and how “niceness” can be a woman’s downfall.

Episode #82 Managing High Conflict – I speak with high-conflict pro, Bill Eddy. We share tips on how you can navigate a high conflict partner and situation. There’s a lot of blame on narcissists in social media culture, yet people have been selfish and stuck in bad behaviors since the dawn of time! YOU control how you respond and that alone can create great change.

Instagram Reel: Quick Inspiring Thoughts

Don’t miss my favorite Instagram reel this month: “Know Exactly What to Say.” It quickly became a hit, PLUS my ANSWER DECK is now at an all time low price of $9.99!

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What’s Next?

As we look forward to another month, I’m excited to share more videos, podcasts, and posts to help you navigate the world of relationships with grace and joy.

Thank you for being such a wonderful part of my community. Here’s to another month of loving, learning, and growing together!

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