🌸Let’s Practice Feeling Statements! Rebuilding Relationships and Dating with Feminine Energy🌸

Feminine Energy Practice for You!

Dear Diamond Girl,

Whether you are dating or partnered, the 36 Questions that lead to love truly work and are a great way to practice your Feminine Energy feeling statements.

For my FEMM Daters, I’ve had a few “single and dating” clients share their experiences of men they meet online who insist on going through all 36 questions before they even meet in person!

I don’t encourage any woman to invest that much time and energy before two essential steps: speaking on the phone with a man and meeting for a quick coffee, essentially going on a QUICK FIRST DATE.

Femm Tools for Dating can help you connect with a man you desire effortlessly while also helping you weed out time wasters.

If a man can dedicate himself to asking you 36 questions, he should also be able to pick up the phone and call you or ask you out on a date—and, of course, show up on time!

If you are married or want to be partnered, these questions can be beneficial to ask in any relationship to keep the conversation flowing, maintain curiosity, and strengthen closeness.

THE SCIENCE BEHIND IT: It’s a bit of a communication “trick” combined with active listening and delving deeper with each question.


The “36 Questions” have been tested and proven to build connections and foster feelings of love. Nevertheless, we all understand that LASTING LOVE demands MORE than just 36 Questions 🙂

I encourage you to review these questions and reflect on the progression of intimacy they reveal. Ask yourself how you would answer them from a place of feminine energy.


  • I FEEL…
  • OR I FELT…

To get you started, here are my authentic, feminine, agenda-free answers—straight from the heart and within my being. See if my answers open your heart more?

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I randomly selected two questions!

QUESTION #2: Would you like to be famous? In what way?

MY FEMININE ANSWER: This question fills me with a sense of excitement. Fame, on its own, seems empty unless it serves a purpose that resonates with my heart. I find a deep connection and fulfillment in helping women and children, especially single mothers who are navigating the challenges of love and striving to create the happy families they desire. If fame were a means to acquire the resources, time, and exposure needed to nurture the hearts of these women and children, I would welcome it with open arms. For me, fame means helping others.

QUESTION #17: What is your most treasured memory?

MY FEMININE ANSWER: This question evokes powerful emotions, reminding me of the profound impact of faith, prayer, and miracles.

I am transported back to a moment of sheer magic from my early childhood, around the age of 3 or 4. It was a terrifying and desperate time when an emergency situation unfolded involving my brother and father. The urgency required us to reach the hospital immediately, but our family car was with my father. On our property, there sat an old red truck that hadn’t moved in ages.

In her desperation, my mother loaded me into the old truck and attempted to start its lifeless engine. It remained silent, doing nothing.

I recall feeling a knot in my stomach, not comprehending the situation entirely but knowing that the truck needed to start. My dear mother’s face wore a sad and defeated expression I had never seen before.

With my tiny hands held in hers, my mother asked me to join her in prayer. She reached out to God, pleading for a miracle to get us to the hospital.

As we prayed together, her hands clutching mine, I witnessed her turning the ignition once more. To our amazement, with a loud WOOSH and ROAR, the old red truck sprang to life!

I will forever remember the look of astonishment and gratitude on my mother’s face. In that moment, as a young child, I experienced the profound nature of miracles, the strength of prayer, and the power of faith. I felt that anything was possible with enough love, belief, and prayer.

That old red truck, seemingly running on God’s love and sheer determination, miraculously transported my mother and me all the way to Duke Hospital.

So, my Diamond Girls, do you feel a closer connection with me now?

Can you sense my heartfelt emotions pulsating within the words I’ve shared here?

For your homework: Can you discover the emotions and words that reveal your tender feminine heart? Cultivating vulnerability and warmth in your expression is the path to LOVE and CONNECTION.

I hope you will join me on iHeartLoveAcademy Private Group for more discussion of these questions and post your personal results!

💗Thank you for listening and allowing me to be part of your feminine rediscovery!  LOVE and MIRACLES to you all! 💗

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