3 No-Rush, No-Pressure Tools to Walk Away from a Man

A Woman Knows When it’s Time to Walk Away

Dear Diamond Girls,

Every week I receive emails from women wondering if they should walk away from a man they love, and how to do it.

Walking away or creating space is the most powerful Feminine Energy tool that I teach.

Walking away absolutely works because it forces a man to be alone and reevaluate his actions or non-actions.

This isn’t about rushing a man into commitment or forcing him to change.

You can create space and give a man contemplative time by doing the following:

  1. Discuss the “Terms & Conditions” about what commitment means for you both. Then take a weekend trip alone or with a friend to give him space to think about exclusivity, his actions or whatever else you may have discussed. This is a no-rush environment for him to process the discussion.
  2. Use your ears. Offering space, not searching for solutions and just listening, allows necessary ‘cave time’ for a man to solve whatever is going on. He needs this time and space to ‘figure things out’ and to miss you. How would you offer him space during this time? This includes scaling back on texting and social media.
  3. In conversations, you can pause and count to six after your man speaks, giving him ample time to feel calming no-pressure space. Notice if he speaks to fill the space or has more to say. Quite often, you’ll find that he has much more to say! This space can lead him to become more open with you.

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My technique for Walking Away is in alignment with your authentic Feminine Energy. When your relationship’s energy is balanced, the man naturally pursues you. This video will help you understand how Feminine and Masculine Energy works.

I hope this blog post has been helpful for you in offering your man no-rush, no-pressure time and space.

Sending you much love,

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