💋Words & Phrases Men Love to Hear

This Podcast is for Women Ep#57 (Includes Sexy Scripts!)

Ep#57 Shares Scripting Examples You Can Use Today!

Dear Diamond Girl,

I share some JUICY, Helpful and SEXY scripting examples from “500 Ways to Talk to a Man” in this episode! Don’t miss it!

Here’s an overview of what I discuss:

  • Why women need to practice how they speak to a man
  • How to use Feeling Statements for positivity more than complaints
  • Tips on nurturing a man – don’t do it!
  • Texting – how to initiate every 2nd to 3rd communication, with a FS! 
  • Why you should ALWAYS ask yourself this one question before you speak to a man
  • Why eye contact and the “nod nod listen” approach works every time
  • More on sharing food with a man 🍕
  • Boundaries, one-sided love, respect & more…


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