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May 31, 2018
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July 11, 2018

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When Relationships Change Form
Dear Diamond Girl,
It has been said that we have a relationship with everything, and that everything is a relationship.
You have a relationship with money, things, people, pets, art, music and PERSONALLY I’m deep into an amazing relationship with my yard and garden.
My front and back yard is in full bloom.  It has been a lovely evolution and has required a lot of money, work, care and attention. No regrets!
THE DETAILS: First springtime arrivals were pansy’s then the daffodils and peonies. Just as they faded, my azalea’s and dogwood trees bloomed. Now it’s the portulaca’s, banana trees, and hydrangeas with on-going blooms. The elephant ears and hosta’s fill any extra space with greenery. My back yard feels like a tropical paradise.
It’s my own little paradise that I am (currently) in LOVE with!
Yet late in October, the love I have for greenery and blooms is still there, yet my relationship with my yard CHANGES.
Plants fade and need to be trimmed and removed,  Blossoms wilt then eventually stop.
The winter yard can feel bare and depressing to me, yet that space still welcomes me with open arms.
The form has changed yet the LOVE is still there…
Relationships with men (and anyone in your life)
is no different.
Relationships go through seasons of change.
Your best chances of re-igniting love & keeping love alive begins with your deep inner thoughts & feelings.
You want to pull the man closer, not repel him farther away.
Understand: A person may leave the relationship and later return.  A man might leave for good, or in some cases their form forever changes through death.
Yet the love remains, does it not? Does that love turn to bitterness or can you allow it to create a miracle for you?
I’m all for miracles, how about you?!
You need not stop loving a person to accept the relationship form has changed and accept the gift of change.
Your heart may feel abandoned, shattered and you may be stuck in bitterness and fear. You may not know how to start over.
It’s my job to show you How to Heal and Transform Your Love Life Starting Today (and ending never).
My latest video with fellow coach and BFF Helena Hart, will help you take the guesswork out of dating & relationships.
If you want to really experience DEEP transformation, we offer Two Programs (now in one affordable bundle price) so you get DOUBLE the valuable relationship tips, advice, techniques and processes for healing your heart and finding and keeping LOVE.
We have created these TWO PROGRAMS
to transform your love life 4EVA.



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    you’re awsome. keep up the good work adrienne!

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