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December 25, 2017
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January 3, 2018

The Answer to Heartbreak & Hot/Cold Men

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I was once standing at the corner of dumped & heartbroken.

My marriage had been rocky for years and despite all the therapists, books, alternative healing and hope, my man and I tearfully parted ways.
We loved each other deeply, and it was a dark day as I helped him pack his clothes.
I especially struggled removing his tools from the house.
He was so good at fixing everything – yet here we were, unable to repair US.
Little did I know things were about to get MUCH WORSE for me, and my heart.
A new man stepped into my life and quickly swept me off my feet. He was energetic and creative.  He showered me with attention and affection. He came on strong and even spoke of marriage.  The first 3 months were total BLISS!
I was so loved-starved after my marriage ended that now,  finally being fed with love and warmth,  I looked past this new man’s dismal finances and I made excuses for his moods that grew dark.
I painfully endured him ‘taking off’ and disappearing for 2 weeks, and blamed myself instead.
When he would return I was like a starving puppy. 
I gave him the best of everything in hopes of keeping him around. I offered blow-jobs,  made fancy dinners and took time away from people who consistently loved me to be with him.
I was losing myself into this man.
The stress from my divorce and this hot/cold man seemed to activated an illness inside of me.  I was soon diagnosed with Graves’ disease and it was affecting my best feature – my eyes.
I still tried to give my hot/cold man everything I had, so he would not leave!  I put myself last, even though my health was struggling.
One day he arrived at my house moody and depressed.  I felt he was going to breakup with me, so I went into action! (BOY ENERGY!)
“Let’s rent a rowboat and take your dog to the lake!”
He quickly agreed to the fun and we left my little pup at home, safe from the heat.
That was the last time I saw my beloved pup, Pikachu.
While we were gone, my pup ventured inside the laundry room and got caught up on a
bra hanging to dry.
I came home to find his lifeless body waiting for me.
My knees hit the ground HARD that day…   If you’ve ever lost a pet from natural causes or from an accident it hurts like nothing else.  This little boy had been with me since graduating college, he was always by my side, protecting and loving me.  Yet, looking back, sadly it seems I was meant to lose him in a tragic way so that my heart could be HEALED & FREE.
You don’t have to endure all this pain and make the same mistakes I did.
This was my most powerful lesson about AVOIDANCE, and DOING instead of FEELING.
When you GIVE TO GET the result will never be a good one.
Had I let this man breakup with me, and had I moved on with my life – my, how things would have been so different.  But I wanted to be in control and avoid pain instead.
​​​​​​​You don’t have to make the same mistakes I did.
My ex-husband and I grieved what felt like the loss of a child.  Yet it was ME who comforted my ‘artist boyfriend’ who had to endure seeing me and my ex crying and hugging one another. He sulked and wept for him, not me, not Pikachu but for himself.
I did not want to lose him, so I sucked down my tears and comforted him instead.
Then, I lost my job. 
I was a top seller in a medical supply company. I went from 6-figures a year to $0 in one day.
My eye condition had worsened and my Dr’s wanted me to rest for 12 weeks on FMLA.  My job callously fired me.
Once the money was gone, my artist guy too took a permanent leave of absence.
He casually walked in my back door, said he didn’t want to be in a relationship – and I NEVER saw him again.
He never spoke to me again.  That was it. 
No answers, no closure, just good-bye.
So there I was on the corner of dumped and heartbroken. Feeling like my entire world had been turned upside down.
I had no husband, no job, no boyfriend and no pet to love. My eyes were causing me severe pain, had become swollen and disfigured.
Yet I remained in love with, and obsessed with, a man who turned his back on me and didn’t want me.

How I turned my life around.

At some point, I found new love, and we are now happily married!

Yet we too endured several heart-wrench breakups… as my learning and growing continued.
I am a slow learner it seems! Yet you don’t have to take this same slow path.
Now, I’m not sharing this story with you to gain empathy, because what you are coping with is likely just as terrible-feeling or much worse. 
My heart goes out to you – we are all sisters in the
pain men & heartbreak can bring to our lives.
Yet, my story and my healing is why I’m committed to helping women all over this
planet with their love and relationship problems.
You see, I am confident you can – in just a few weeks – begin to transform your life.
I’ve helped hundreds of women overcome blocks that prevent love, so they FIND & KEEP love.
I’ve helped SO MANY women reconnect after breakup, rebuild and prevent divorce.
I’ve happily inspired 23 engagements and 18 marriage so far.
I’ve shown women how to date and connect with men to build something meaningful.
I have tools, methods, techniques and a few secrets – so that you may learn a new way of speaking and being.
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  1. Helen Habel says:

    looking for help with a hot and cold man. Not sure what program to get. I work with him and can not just leave.

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