I wish I had access to this when I First Got Married!
June 7, 2017
Fast Track to Dating & Relationship Success
August 20, 2017

How Scripting Brought My Husband to Me

Dear Lovely One,


My relationship & marriage is proof that making subtle changes in how you speak to a man truly works.


I thought I knew everything when I first met Jeff.


I had studied Psychology in college, read over 100 self-help books, had been in couples therapy, took spiritual and relationship healing courses — yet I didn’t know how to really attract and keep a man!


I didn’t know how to speak my True Feelings to a man in a way that invited him into my heart.


I thought feelings scared men off…


So instead of speaking my feelings, I would say what I THOUGHT. I let my mind guide me, not my heart.


I’d give a man lists of  my likes and dislikes.  I’d be bossy and demanding about my needs.


In reality, my mind, my thoughts and all that thinking and doing isn’t what a man falls deeply in love with or chooses to marry.


Then other times I was in DOING MODE where I’d cook dinners, pay for things, call and text my man sweet messages.


In reality, I was suffocating Jeff and not allowing him space to pursue me. He could not MISS me becasue I was always ‘there’ and I was up in my head instead of speaking my heart.


Fortunately for me, I eventually learned about my true INDEPENDENCE and what really works to connect deeply to a man’s heart.


When I loved and put myself first… when I could find my feelings… not in my mind but in my body… when I ‘re-learned’ how to lean back and allow a man to serve and do for me… and allow the man Make ME Happy…




  • I was soft, feminine, and my heart was an invitation to the man.
  • My man (and all men) could not get enough of me, I was irresistible.
  • I felt confident and happy becasue I was living in my truth.
  • I became like a magnet to ALL MEN…


and I wasn’t doing anything…

I wasn’t giving anything…

I was just being a woman, comfortable in her body and with her feelings.

I knew how to set boundaries and speak my heart without being a ‘bitch’ or bossy and aggressive.


You can open your heart to YOU and the MAN, and find the perfect words to activate his heart.

You can activate his masculine energy to pursue you.

You can speak your feelings confidently knowing you are pulling him closer.

You can build intimacy and a strong and lasting bond.

You will feel and be at your best.

You’ll be irresistible not just to one man, but all men.

Your feminine vibe will be like a beacon of light that quality men will notice and be drawn to.


I did this…

I teach my clients how to do this and…

You can do this too!

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Just weeks before my man came back into my life and claimed me for good we were having a heated phone conversation.


He hissed at me, “I’ve dated you… and I know how that went… why would I ever repeat that?”


I was floored.  Tears rushed to my eyes, my heart raced, I felt angry, empty and hurt. I wanted to hang up the phone on him for good.


Yet I used my tools instead!


I was prepared and had practiced speaking my feelings to other men I had been dating.  THIS IS KEY! 


I replied to him, “Wow, that really stings… and I feel confused. I’m curious why you’re speaking to me… or calling… or keep asking to see me?”


That’s how I truly felt and I spoke my feelings.


The other end of the phone fell silent. He was thinking. He was quiet.


I said nothing. I let him figure it out and solve whatever was going on, becasue solving his dilemma isn’t my job.


He slowly said, “I guess I am still figuring out how you fit into my life.”


Now… dear reader, you’ve heard me say before: A Man’s Words Mean Nothing.  Their Actions Say Everything.


After that call, for two weeks I heard nothing from my guy and I did nothing about it.


Then one Sunday morning I woke up to a warm bed, sunshine peeking through the curtains and a special feeling… I felt so in love with me, so happy to be in my life and doing what I enjoyed.  I decided that day I would listen to several full albums and oil paint several canvases.


As I puttered around the kitchen making coffee and deciding what music to listen to and what I wanted to paint… my doorbell rang.


There stood the man I loved… he was sweating… a lot!


He had rode his bike all the way to my house. His face seemed worried but his eyes were gleaming.


My stomach did flip-flops.


I let him inside and he asked to sit and speak with me.


We sat in silence for some time.  I wanted to start speaking to break the silence, but instead I used my tools and leaned back.  I stayed open and warm.


Eventually he said, “I’ve thought about this a lot and you are the love of my life.  It scares me to say it because I know you may not want me, and if that’s the case I understand, and I’ll just have to wish you well… So what do you say?  Can we start over with dinner tonight, and maybe a walk in the park?”


Getting back together…would you believe… this was the EASY part?


My guy and I started dating again, and eventually there was an engagement, and then came marriage… Yet the days in-between took ALL MY TOOLS!

During those days I was busy helping my clients find the love of their life. I was reattaching couples after breakup and helping women of all ages date and connect to quality men — I was doing Advanced Work and making lots of notes along the way.


I noticed many women had the same issues coming up… dating, texting, commitment, arguments, infidelity, porn, avoidance and many more.


So I took every possible situation I experienced, issues my clients have experienced, and other women I’ve known past and present.


I created a scripting book for hundreds of situations that women can endure on their path to lasting love. I wanted women to have an easy way to find the perfect words that PULL a MAN CLOSER.


“500 Ways” does this and more! 


You’ll find all the answers you need for any situation in my eBook, “500 Ways to Speak to a Man,” plus you get a free scripting session with Moi, with purchase.


Click Here to Treat yourself to a book that you’ll use over and over again.


Ok Lovely One… Please let me thank you for being part of my life on my journey to finding lasting love, and know that I am here for you, always. I will guide you from brokenhearted, to dating, to a relationship and onto marriage (if that’s what you want). 


I will get you the success you’re seeking and the love you desire.


I am here for you and sending you lots of love, always.


Much love to you,


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