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I Was In Love With a Man From My Past
February 14, 2017
I wish I had access to this when I First Got Married!
June 7, 2017

Overwhelmed & Terrified of Dating? Free Guide Just For You!

Does this sound familiar?

Dating feels like a pain, and I keep attracting men that aren't a good match.

I'm never going to meet the one,  and maybe I'm just meant to be alone.

Just being a mom and having my career are good enough. 

Just having a male 'friend' here and there suits me fine.

My parent's relationship didn't work out and neither will mine.

DEEP DOWN all of this nasty talk is just resistance and fear.  Once you get past the fear and resistance (which I show you how to do quickly), men will begin to come out of the woodwork.  Old flames will reappear.  New, quality men will notice you.  The man you desire will begin to approach and call you more often too!

In 1:1 coaching I teach women these same techniques and tools to become irresistible and alluring to ALL men.

I discovered a process to make dating FUN and EFFORTLESS.  In my NMM/Dating Unzipped program, I've developed an economical way to teach you these valuable tools and secrets at a price anyone can afford, where you learn and move at your own pace, becoming more confident and irresistible with every new man you meet!

Each man gets you closer to finding the ONE. I show you how this works... even if you flirt with a man at the supermarket or Starbucks, each man draws you closer to finding the one.

It's amazing how this process works and in NEW MAN MANIFESTO I teach you all the tools and supply you with a bounty of materials that are 'fast and friendly reads' so you can get the info you need quickly.  My program also contains more than 20 hours of recorded class materials, a meditation that transforms you instantly, PLUS an interview with my man where he talks about WHY MEN WALK AWAY FROM GOOD WOMEN, why he chose me, what makes a man fall in love -- and so much more. 

The complete 12-week program, 20+ hours of recorded class, Q&A, PDFs, worksheets and more, is only $187 USD,  a value of more than $2400 if sold individually. 

Get your Complete Program here, and begin attracting the loving relationship you desire, instantly. Click the banner above or this link to get started today.

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Back to the article...

Online dating... WOW!  Whatever you're feeling, I've been there. 

Even though I may be younger than you, or older in some cases,  I ventured out into online dating way back at it's start in 1998.  The home PC was still a new thing, not everyone had internet and the men online were aplenty!  They were mostly developers and programmers back then! 

Now, everyone has been invited to the online dating party.  People can date directly from their phones and tablets.  Yet, more than ever, getting out there can feel very intimidating and scary.

This guide whittles down your best options, shows you the fastest and safest way to online date and even shares pointers and scripts on those pivotal first few conversations you have with a man.

Much love,

XOXOXO Adrienne Everheart

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