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April 20, 2018
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May 31, 2018

Mental Telepathy – Your Hidden Super Power

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How To Use Auto-Suggestion With Men

in a non-manipulative or controlling way! In effect: MAKE IT HIS IDEA!


I am an absolute believer in ‘female telepathy.’  In fact, you’ve been doing a version of it for years.  You probably weren’t aware!

It’s also called ‘asking the innocent question,’ where you ask your man a question that sounds innocent, yet it is loaded with a desired OUTCOME. If he doesn’t want to feel guilty or shamed, he will comply.

You may ask him: I thought you were going to wear the shirt I laid out for you?

-OR-  Weren’t you supposed to take out the trash  and then go to the ball game?


Because they are subtly being controlled, and masculine energy men are in charge of their time, their clothes, their own choices. YET, when your heart comes First Place in HIS Mind, you being happy is at the forefront of his actions.

In my upcoming Love Academy Class: ‘How to Talk to a Man 101’ I show you exactly how to speak in a way that inspires HIS HEART to do all the wonderful things you love, authentically. (LEARN MORE HERE.)


You may desire him dating you more often, sending you loving texts, commitment and marriage.

Imagine coming home to a partner who is excited to see you and a man who greets you warmly each and every day.

What if you could have your choice of dates with quality men you desire?

Can you imagine the thrill of having not just ONE, but two marriage proposals? It can happen.

Can you see the look on your ex’s face when he learns you were married last weekend?

Give me two days, and I’ll teach you the power of your words and how you can use ‘telepathy’ and autosuggestion to get what you want in life. [Class is the 25th & 25th at 4pm PT, 7pm ET.]  My two day class is only $27 and you can sign up here.

Now, here’s an overview of how you can begin using your powerful feminine telepathy on men!


  • If you want to truly win someone of your idea, enthusiasm is a big part.  If you’re not enthused, excited and over the top with the idea, he won’t be either.  Often when we’re heartbroken, we’re down in the dumps and this mood is not attractive to any man. Get enthused about what you desire and harness that energy.
  • Belief in yourself is integral.  So often I ask a client, “Do you want to be married?” and they offer a vague, “I don’t know…” This is where you have to OWN YOUR DESIRES and decide right now, that whatever it is you want, you can have.  Then begin creating that dream and experience the emotion of having it.  Even if for now it’s just in your imagination. Live it.
  • When a man senses you are on top of your world, a Goddess on a pedestal with so many options, and you CONFIDENTLY know what you want – he’ll get FOMO: Fear of Missing Out.  He’ll see you as the woman that will get away from him and he’ll start making strides to claim you. Fear creates urgency to make a choice.
  • MEMORY RULES EMOTIONS! I use this in my Get Him Back program, it works wonderfully especially with Facebook and SM. I’ll be teaching you how you can use this daily in my Love Academy class this week.  Here’s how it works: pick a memory or experience you had with your man and recapture it in your post (or conversation) and reflect on the emotion of that day/event.  Don’t swoon and make the memory about him, make it about you.  Here’s an example:  Let’s say you two went on a long bike ride and got caught in the rain on the way home.  The event resulted in some wet kisses and cuddles.  You could post a photo of your current bike ride, or even a rainy day and say, “Feeling so sweet and warm inside whenever I ride this bike path. Even a mist of rain brought a smile to my face.”  Unless he suffers from a severe memory issues, your man will connect the dots in a warm and authentic way.  I’ve tested this hundreds of time with my clients and it works!

If you want to learn more tools like these above, I encourage you to attend my upcoming two day Love Academy class, “How to talk to a Man 101.”

The costs is only $27, will include LIVE CHAT and loads of fun.

Class is 4/25 &26 4pmPT, 7pmET and held on my private ZOOM channel  Sign up HERE!

Looking forward to teaching you all the tools and methods to building and keeping a loving relationship with a man!





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