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January 3, 2018
Mental Telepathy – Your Hidden Super Power
April 22, 2018

[VIDEO] How to Talk to a Man 101 – Activate Your Man Magnet

Get Him to Listen, Connect to His Heart, Become a Man Magnet and be Your Most Irresistible & Attractive.

I’m so excited to share with you my proven methods for speaking with a man. With these tools you’ll confidently know that with every word you speak, you’re wrapping his heart up. How amazing will that feel?!

Women struggle so often with what they ‘think’ they should say.  We sit on our feelings for fear of making the man angry or losing him.  We endure bad behavior and feel shut out and closed off.  Then, as that tension builds inside of us, we explode. Then we are labeled as ‘bitchy’ or drama queens.

There’s a powerful and feminine way to express yourself so the man will actually LISTEN to you and FEEL INSPIRED to claim and protect your red beating heart.

Breakups can be Reversed and often result in a relationship of greater devotion and commitment. This is part of the powerful work I teach you in my Get Him Back program (found here.) Learning how to speak confidently, warmly, and from your heart is KEY to rebuilding a LONG LASTING LOVE!

My ex-husband was an amazing man I could have spent my life with. We didn’t have to end in divorce.

Yet I was clueless about how to speak to him.  He’d work long hours and I’d get crumbs of attention.  The more I asked for love and support the more he shut down. I was feeling so helpless and lonely.  Then when he would come towards me, to offer a back rub or make love, I’d be feeling too angry to touch him or accept his embrace.

Does any of this feel familiar to you? It’s a total dead end that many couples fall into.

Now that I am happily remarried and can speak my words in a new way — a way I can teach you! — there’s no more exploding or building resentment. The relationship moves along evenly and smoothly, despite the ups and downs all couples can experience. I feel confident and stable that when I do speak my heart, my man responds warmly. He listens and understands me.

With Online Dating and Dating in general it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and want to quit.  Men will text and text without even meeting you for a date.  Or they will date you once and never call again.  Or worse, they will date you for three lovely months then fade out.

Starting with your online dating profile, your words can begin working their magic!

You can signal high-quality men that your heart is open.  Time-wasters will lose interest quickly.  With the first few minutes of chatting with a man, you will know if he is worth speaking further with or not. I cannot wait to teach you how this works in my two-class event happening April 25th & 26th!

You’ll also learn how to ‘hang in there’ and give good guys a chance. These are good men who temporarily shut down and are enduring their own struggles. We all have demons and baggage, yet it is often in those moments of acceptance and openness that we build strong bonds of love that CANNOT be broken.

I hope to see you in class, Diamond Girl!  It will be April 25 & 26 at 4pm PT, 7pm ET. Class is on my private video conference and I will have chat open for your questions, too.

Once you purchase you’ll be emailed all the info to attend and sent a class syllabus.

This program is only $27!  Sign up here http://www.paypal.me/manmagnet

or use my purchase link here:


See you there!






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