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November 11, 2017
Get Him to Text Back & My Christmas Miracle
December 25, 2017

Are you *subconsciously* pushing away your HOT/COLD MAN?

Hi Lovely,
Have you ever felt that ‘some part of you’ might be pushing your man away?
Or, even though you are doing all the right things, your man is still hot/cold, aloof and distant?
You may be subconsciously trying to RESCUE him, thus preventing him the time and space to step up and claim your heart. 💖
Last night in Get Him Back class #1, many of us discovered that we are often trying to RESCUE the man in our life.
As long as we are rescuing and doing for him, the man can’t getactivated to claim us.
The key to Getting Him Back is about WARMTH, TIME, CONSISTENCY and pouring BOY ENERGY into your own life for the security, happiness and well-being you need.
Many women fall into the RESCUER ROLE easily.
I know I did! #testify
We attract men who can’t fully love, need help or are down on themselves in some way.
We are often drawn to men who cannot maintain a relationship with a woman – yet we see their Potential.
We desire love and consistency, warmth and availability.  Yet these wounded men just can’t do it, at least not for long. 
There reasons for him being unable to commit vary, but no matter, it cannot be your job to FIX him.
Even though you make progress…
Even though he comes around now and again…
Even though it feels good to be in his life…
The man cannot be rescued by his ‘future’ wife.
It just ain’t gonna happen.
When YOU, lovely lady,  get activated (boy energy) to fix, help or do for the man…
ALERT: this info has the POWER to CHANGE YOUR LIFE!
At first your rescue efforts start off innocently.
You do the work for him in the relationship, you call him, you pursue him, you try to figure him out and you attempt to insert yourself into his world.
Then at some point, he flakes, he’s one foot in, one foot out, and you find yourself feeling (and behaving) like a VICTIM.
You get angry, become upset, tearful, and resentful.
Your inner BOY goes into hyper-drive to SOLVE THIS.
Or perhaps you begin to shut down and pick yourself apart allowing Nasty Voice to rule your inner world.
This is happening because you’ve put far more into the relationship than the man has.
You’ve invested your time, money, your beautiful red heart andvibrant soul all for the man sitting idle in the corner, floundering alone.
I encourage you to learn more about this TRIANGLE and here’s a great YouTube Video to get you started. It’s an integral part of my ABCs to GET HIM BACK program, and I look forward to sharing more with you.
Here’s a few quick points to begin helping fast:
  • Part of being in your feminine energy is: NO DRAMA.
  • Being feminine means RECEIVING not DOING.
  • You need not DO anything to get a man’s love, attention and affection.
  • When he decides to be a MASCULINE MAN and steps up, pursues you, claims you and invests his time in you – then all becomes in balance.
In my GET HIM BACK program, I show you the Absolute Best Chances of this happening.
It’s a process where you balance your boy/girl energy yet at the same time abide by boundaries, allow some time to rebuild with the man to show him your warm, feminine nature.
This can ACTIVATE a man into the masculine role, allowing him to bond deeply with you and connect with his heart.  You then balance out the energy and the DRAMA TRIANGLE is no more.
Last Night GHB Class One was a GREAT SUCCESS and it’s not too late to join for the into price of $99. The class videos, audio and materials are YOURS to keep for LIFE.
Next Class is on Friday!
Adrienne Everheart
Much love and exited to see how this unfolds for you,
Adrienne Everheart

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