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July 11, 2018
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November 12, 2018

What is Feminine Energy & why you need it!

Dear Diamond Girl,
Getting the love you deeply desire is easy when you know how.
When you can harness your powerful & beautiful feminine energy you begin to attract quality men, your heart opens, you unblock behaviors and mindsets that have prevented the giving and receiving of long lasting love.
So often learning how to attract & receive lasting love requires us to hit rock bottom.
Some of us recover from divorce and heartbreak, other’s contend to live a life of loneliness,  accepting they are not meant for love.
That’s why I created F.E.M.M.

Learn About Femm Here

In my Personal Transformation there was an ADDED STRENGTH I gained, that until now I had not been able to translate for YOU.
Now more than ever women are becoming aware of their Powerful Feminine Energy.
In FEMM I show you how to awaken your FE, put it to work in your love life and focus this POWERFUL energy in ways never imagined before.
Feminine Energy Mindset Method (FEMM) is an Online Course which teaches you how to attract quality men, speak from your Feminine Source and realign with Your Body, unblocking the Disconnect so many women feel.
We’ve been operating for so long in Masculine Energy Notion (MEN), we have forgotten how to FEEL in our sensitive,
intuitive, and soft Feminine Bodies.

If you’ve ever wanted to Privately Coach with me don’t pass this opportunity by.  Class size is limited and 3 seats have already been filled.

As I mentioned earlier, there’s something about Rock Bottom that WAKES US UP! Yet, you don’t have to be miserable dating, alone, divorced or STUCK dating a man that won’t commit. 

You can overcome the blocks that leave you trapped in Masculine Energy where you are attracting Low Quality Men or find yourself Stuck in Low Quality Feminine Energy.

The work I’m teaching in FEMM, my 8 Week Live Class, is about becoming empowered in the Feminine Energy in ALL aspects of life and experiencing a great Transformation in your Relationships especially.

The program also includes my Core Dating & Relationships Coaching Methods and customized support in each class.

You’ll get to Connect with Women from All Over the World. FEMM live classes includes live demos and chat, where women asked questions, traded stories and experienced live coaching.  The classes are  available to you 24/7 and for your Lifetime.




In FEMM you’ll learn how to communicate more effectively with men in dating, relationships, during stress and in the ‘good times’ where you are building a close and lasting bond.

Unlock your Possibilities! 

Move from just existing, just dating, just looking to FULLY LIVING.

You’ll be experiencing a magical shift!

You’ll gain the wisdom and tools that transform your mindset from scarcity and fear to abundance and joy in all aspects of Your Life.


Learn About Femm Here


  1. Claudia Payne says:

    Thankyou for Sharing your story with us. It s hard to believe someone so radiante and gorgeous being treated liké that-it helps me to understand that it Isn t m’y fault and its not because im not good enough, or pretty enough, intelligent enough.. but it s still so hard to let go when you are love starved…I Can t afford to join right now though I would love to, but in thé middle if a divorce thats not going too well, struggling to pay rent and bills and maybe eat sometimes !, Diagnosed with parkinsons, boyfriend on and off for 3years has just told le hé Never loved me,…everyvtime hé Comes back, i go running, doing everything possible to keep him, lowering m’y standards each Time .. I just réaliséd that i have suggested that de just sée each other now and thenfor sex…’thinking I could keep him in my live à Little bit AT least….how pathetic is that? He refuséd more or less, and although hé Saïd not, my intuition IS screaming AT me that he IS with someone else right now. I just want to go to sleep and not wake UP…..anyway thanks for letting me know I m not alone…i Always tell myself that there are Many people much worse off but i sometimes feel so lonely and Alone…. Claudia

  2. Loretta Teague says:

    I just made purchases. hoping that this series changes my perspective, so tired of attracting the same type of emotionally unavailable men,

  3. Tacasha says:

    I love your videos and just want to be part of your community for now by getting your newsletter 🙂

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