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April 28, 2019
FEMM Marriage & Relationship Course
July 4, 2019

Get OUT of his head

His problems:
his divorce,
his sex issues,
his job loss,
his psychology,
his ex problems,
his kids taking up all his time,
his job keeping him too busy,
his money issues,
his house is an hour from yours,
his ex keeps calling,
his divorce really messed him up,
he is spooked easily,
he is emotional,
he is a narcissist,
he is depressed,
he is a veteran,
he had an awful childhood,
he is controlled by his ex,
He is, he is, he is…😔
HE is either moving TOWARD you or AWAY.
👉FEMM works begins and ends with how YOU feel.
👉Stay in your body, not up in his head.
Now, how do you feel? Can you answer how you feel without it being about the man?🌹
👉FEMM work begins and ends with how YOU feel.
Not how he feels, and Not figuring out what’s going on in his head.
It’s tempting to crawl inside his head but this action/thinking gets you no where except LOST from your beautiful self.
👉All that really matters is How You Feel.
When you get out of the man’s head and into your body you’ll begin to experience shifts in how good/free/light you feel and how the world responds to you. (life gets better, you are more attractive this way.)
When you are outside of your body, only part of you is available for your family, kids, friends, loved ones, YOURSELF and even another man.
The world gets half of you. You are in disconnect mode. (life feels hectic, sad and you are not at your most attractive, or worse you attract the wrong types.)
I have spent YEARS inside of a man’s head.
I was so Worried about how to help FIX this or that.
I spent my beautiful days on this planet concerned with what he must be thinking or must have thought.
Reclaim your mind, body and life now please!
YES…It is SO TEMPTING to ‘figure the man out’ and try to guess and solve all his internal happenings but this helps you not.
Don’t chatter to mom or your girlfriends about what his head may be up to. 🤣 It only draws more of those issues/problems into your life. (i.e. you are in his head.)
You lose yourself. Your light goes dim. You become more focused on solving an emotional issue rather than caring for your OWN emotional well-being and feeling what’s going on in your BODY.
👉This FEMM work begins and ends with how you feel.
A man is either moving toward you, or away from you and only YOU know how this feels to you.
👉His Thoughts matter not. His words are merely words. His Actions trump all.
His problems are for him to solve and if he wants it badly enough, he will figure it out – whatever IT is.
Staying in your body INSPIRES a man closer. Your energy is expanding and not smothering him, this is an alluring feminine quality.
You can speak how you feel, you can be warm and You can even ‘help’ him by focusing on YOU and not fixing, figuring him out or being up in his head.
Don’t let his problems become your problems. Stay in your beautiful body. 😍
Much love,


  1. Bonita Neil says:

    Hi Adrienne…. I’ve been apart from my boyfriend for almost 2 months.. no contact at all for about 30+ days. He did reach out 2 days post break up, but I did not respond. This was all pre you and your advice. Anyway, I texted him on Fathers Day, attached with a fun memory. He basically said, “ thanks” and that’s was it. The Psychic told me that my ex was not ready to be in a relationship, and that I should just move on. I’m not at home pining over him. I’m working out, learning to speak a 2nd language, and perusing my passion of being a Zumba Instructor… But, I miss him. But thinking of just giving up on us getting back together. The Psychic was so accurate about so many things… made me think that I should just keep moving away from the desire of wanting to get back with him… and I haven’t really heard nothing from him, other than a few post he liked on my Facebook… I never go to his FB and have recently unfollowed him so that I don’t get anymore of his feeds. What do you think?… I really want your true opinion on the matter. Please respond. Thank you.

  2. Mahan says:

    Hi Adrienne,
    I love this post so much! I’m trying to be positive and tie his heart up but in the process I’m noticing he’s not a very happy guy. His grown children have a million problems and are so needy of him…the son in and out of jail, the daughter in court with a custody battle…his ex still trying to convince him to come back… it’s grow season for medical marijuana and he’s physically exhausted…I could go on…and on…is there any way to shed joy on this man or teach him that happiness is an inside job? I’m trying to be in my body but I swear he’s trying to suck me up into his head!!!

    • Michelle says:

      Absolutely beautiful advice and exactly what I needed to hear. I told him that I trust he knows best how to handle the struggles he has been facing. That if his need to disappear for a while is how I can best show I love him, then I would respect that to the utmost. I ended with Talk to you soon, be well. I have been trying to figure out what he meant by “I am struggling with some things. I will explain in time, but I may disappear for a bit. I dont mean to ignore you.” But when it comes down to it, I care about this man and I do trust our connection. I am done trying to be in his head (I’m always way off base anyway). I’m going to blow him a kiss whenever I think of him and love him in the way he asked, but my energy is going to stay on my beautiful life. With or without this man and our amazing connection. I am still me and I have so many other connections that depend on that. I feel refreshed and empowered after reading this. Thank you so much!

  3. Jess says:

    I couldn’t find the link to the ABC’s mentioned in a video I watched

  4. Bridgie says:

    POWERFUL brutal but simple truth! I absolutely LOVE this great advice – it’s enormously liberating – I feel a huge burden lifted off my shoulders. Thank you Adrienne! You are a FEMM goddess, shining your light brightly, and teaching others to do this same.

  5. Sharon Roberts says:

    Thank you for this post! My husband recently lost his job and is constantly looking online for another. It’s a little stressful for me because I cant control whats going on. He swears he’s not a “mama’s boy” but has asked his mom (single) and his aunt (also single) for loans and to help pay our bills until he gets back on his feet. I am beyond upset because I feel like thats not a very masculine thing to do AND it pushes me away from him. Whenever I bring it up he gets upset and says that I am being egotistical and that help is help. I have told him in the past about his overbearing aunt and mother and now he has been paying our bills which further diminishes my value And place as his wife. I really need advice

  6. Stephania says:

    Hi! I’m living with my boyfriend, and we are going to have 2 years together soon. He is older than me and I love him, but my problems are his kids. They are growing up adult and they are older than me, but he is still taking care of them and really close. Sometimes when I think I’m going to spend time with him only he will invite his son. Now his son moves in with us with his dog. I need to clean the house almost every day cause of the dog, and the dog bark early in the morning. I wish I have more time to explain everything I feel and I want to say about that.

  7. Sue says:

    Adrienne, I’ve been enjoying your videos , but my question is: if a man wants money/financial help from a woman, does any of your advice apply? or is that a different scenario? Thanks.

  8. Elvira Hodzic says:

    First of all sorry for my English.My husband and I are 19 years together, Last year he went on a business trip,and when he come back a notice some of changes.He swears that is because he is trying to improve he’s health.I write this because from that trip somewhere of he’s female ” friends” are sending him a message and call him.He see no prob that, but inspired me being jealous,he say that is nothing there,that I am very jealous. He is hiding message and when I find to be in a same room Whit him he look’s like a kid hiding something.Please help me to find figure out my problem.

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