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November 21, 2017
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December 30, 2017

Get Him to Text Back & My Christmas Miracle

Once upon a time, all I wanted for Christmas was one text from my man.
A butt dial, an emoji, two words… just anything to know that he cared for me too.
You know that feeling you get when your man texts you something warm?  Much like Meg Ryan below in, ‘You’ve Got Mail.’
​​​​​​​You feel like you’re on top of the world!

That powerful feeling of, “I’m a Goddess on a pedestal,” is 70% of activating a man to pursue you. You have to know and feel like you’re #1 and when you’re recovering from heartbreak, that can take some practice to achieve.

If you find your mood is dismal and your thoughts are in a dark place of despair and scarcity, allow yourself to ‘visit’ there for about 10 minutes, have a good cry – then get the heck out of that dark place.

I’ve worked with hundreds of women, and I’ve also first hand experienced that my thoughts will lead me wherever it is I am focusing on.

Negative thoughts become habits that evolve into personality traits.

NO THANKS! I don’t want to be an angry ‘Negative Nelly.’ It’s not attractive to men and it doesn’t feel good either.

You’ve perhaps studied some Law of Attraction techniques, and I know it can be frustrating when you don’t ‘manifest’ what it is you’re seeking.

Yet I’m really quite thankful that the person and situation I wanted never came to fruition.

Instead of pulling ‘the artist’ (the dead-broke, moody drama king who walked out on me and never spoke to me again) closer, the opposite happened.

I had friends tell me they’d bumped into my ex-guy out with a much younger girl, and he had just returned from Scotland, a trip we were supposed to take together.

While he was living it up, I was home with my boxes (wine and tissue) just sitting alone mistreating my body, not exercising, living on very little food and pining for a man I couldn’t have.

There was ONE MAN though, who had been writing to me relentlessly on 

He was so sweet and wrote to me about every day, but I decided he was never going to be right for me.  I was in love with my artist.

Yet for some reason I decided to meet this man on Christmas night at a local Irish bar.

I met him and a strange thing happened.  I began to feel my heart beat again in a new and unfamiliar way.

Within the first 5 minutes of our date,

things got REAL.

He made a gesture with his hand and sent his water glass flying up against the wall.

I then opened the tri-folding menu and knocked myself right in the face, sending my eye-glasses to the floor.

We laughed and really what can you do!?  We were just two humans, being goofballs and hoping to connect, to laugh with someone and maybe share a kiss.

This date really wasn’t what I expected at all.

This man was wholesome, honest and connected to my heart.  I was vulnerable with him. I told him I was heartbroken but moving on and he nodded and listened. He then shared his heart to me as well.

In the parking lot as we said goodnight, I could tell he wasn’t sure whether to hug, handshake or what.

I had told myself I would kiss 100 men to find the right one, because I’ve always felt a kiss can change everything – can it not?

I leaned in and 💋💋💋💋 💋WOW!

The kiss blew my mind!

Not that it was some tongue twirling escapade – but I felt something new and different.

I felt like I was kissing a REAL man. Not my wet-noodle artist. This man felt warm, alive and so into me.

After feeling such disconnect and abandonment it felt SO GOOD to have someone dive right into me.

But there was more… he smelled good.  I felt protected. 

My heart fluttered. 

I just wasn’t expecting all that. 

Honestly, had I NOT kissed him, I probably would not be happily married to him right now.​​​​​​​

Get Instant Help Now!
My eBook, ‘500 Ways to Talk to a Man’ really does have an answer for anything and everything that can need fixing in a relationship with a man.

I want you to know this…

When you are loving, true and honest with yourself, you’ll pull forth a loving, true and honest partner.
If the man you HOPE will text or call you back doesn’t come calling, he simply doesn’t deserve your heart and all your goodness.
You must accept you’re simply meant for a greater love, and that love is out there waiting for you… just remember, you won’t find it sitting home alone in your living room.
The man and love you desire is out there. 
I encourage you to go on a few dates with nice guys that are pursuing you.
They may not be exactly your type, their profile photo might not be the best, but at least you can experience a man that wants you.  That’s a start.
That PURSUIT will feel GOOD to you… and the more good feelings you create & experience, the more good feelings you will have.

Getting Him to Text Back…

Here’s your quick guide to getting a man to text you back.
If this man is truly meant for you, he will move mountains to be with you.  It may not be today, or in a month, my guy took THREE MONTHS, but it will happen if he wants you and has the muscle to make it happen.
Give him all the time and space he needs.  Rushing him, forcing him or pressuring him will not work. Don’t do it.
Get your life to a new high point.  Set your intentions.  Make your dream life begin to happen NOW.  No more excuses.
If you get a hint about what you need to do to make your Diamond Girl life sparkle, GO FOR IT FULL FORCE.  I’ve found the key to immense wealth and happiness comes in a little whisper, so when you get that clue, stop what you are doing and begin making it happen NOW.
Pull your energy off the man.  Get your mind to a healthier place.  Exercise.  Quantum date.  Experience new men and learn, practice and master all the tools and techniques. (Get the tools here.)
Don’t depend on manipulation, tricks, guilt or force to win his heart back.  You want a man to love you, your TRUE feelings and your red beating heart. Nothing good is ever gained through force.
Learn a new way of speaking and being with a man and in your own life. You can start with my best-selling ebook: 500 Ways to Talk to a Man.
Much love to you,
Adrienne Everheart
P.S. I believe in you! I did it, and I teach my clients the same tools to get the love they desire and you can learn how to do this too.

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