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NEW FEMM CLASS for Marriage & Relationships & FEMM for Dating!

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Give Your Dating & Relationship Life an Instant FEMM Makeover with my Online Dating Retreat!


4+ Hour Class with Video and Audio Download + FULL FEMM Library Access.

Study from the comfort of your home and at your own pace.

Instant Download!

Learn to date like a confident Goddess atop her pedestal!

It's time to reinvent yourself as a Powerful Dynamite Woman in the Dating World.

My FEMM DATING CLASS is the perfect opportunity to get the feminine glow you've been longing for.

  • Stand out on dating apps with FEMM Powered PHOTOS & PROFILE.

  • Present yourself as a HIGH VALUE woman from the very first exchange with a man.

  • Learn how to creating meaningful conversation that ties up a man's heart.

  • Attract QUALITY MEN and dispel loser and time wasters.

  • Includes: "Sex, Sex, Sex" ebook, Dating Tracker, Over-Investment & Wounded Child ebooks and More in the FULL VIP Library.

  • In Feminine Energy Mindset Method Class you'll learn Dating & Relationship Mindset tools for creating a lasting relationship that leads to marriage.

    In FEMM I share the TOOLS & PROCESSES for attracting a Masculine Energy Man and Keeping Him.

    During the Q&A session of class women of all ages and backgrounds asked questions and shared their experiences with dating.

    You'll learn from their experiences in the 'hot seat' and witness the FEMM process unfold.

    Class also includes a THEORY portion where I review and explain the FEMM tools.

    You also get access to a LIBRARY fully loaded with guides on sex, profile writing, dating communication, healing relationship wounds, flowcharts and much more.

    FEMM is a method of finding what you feel in your body and making adjustments in how you react or respond (with yourself and the man) so that the traits and characteristics of your Feminine Body reach out and connect with men desiring those attributes.

    You'll complete class feeling CONFIDENT and capable of Dating like the DIAMOND GIRL you truly are.

    When you revere yourself as a high quality feminine woman and no longer react from a masculine mindset, men will find you irresistible.

    Accept that you have dating and relationship skills that are UNDERDEVELOPED.

    FEMM is natural and authentic.

    Nothing is forced or manipulated.

    Yet when many women begin practicing speaking from their body, they feel silly and shy. Finding what you feel in your body may feel uncomfortable and unnatural at first.

    Yet men will quickly perk up, listen to you and respond in entirely new way.

    You'll feel POWERFUL in your body instead of feeling lost and anxious from being up in your head.

    Take back your power as a feminine energy woman.

    Your INNER GIRL has been hidden and stuffed down for years. Working your way through the FEMM tools will allow your feminine energy to blossom.

    In many cases your inner girl was stuffed down around ages 6-10. This is when many of us were rewarded for 'not crying' and being told we 'should not feel that way' or you may have simply been rewarded by a well-meaning parent when you excelled in logic rather than showing emotion.

    In many cases it is our Inner Wounded Girl who is running the relationship with men, and no doubt you can understand how a young child 'ego state' is incapable of having and maintaining a successful relationship with an adult man.

    FEMM Tools in Action class gets you back in touch with your body and feelings so when you speak a man hears and connects to your heart. In effect, your inner girl grows up. You learn how to speak so men hear your authentic voice and connect with your heart. This means not thinking of what to say or do but FEELING your way through.

    Men are attracted to warmth, authenticity and what's going on inside your body.

    Time to Stop Dating in a way that no longer pleases you and start living your Powerful, Dynamite FEMM lifestyle.

    No man decides to marry a woman because she's a killer business woman and smart as a whip.

    A man enjoys those parts of you but he connects to your HEART.

    This class is only $27 USD and loaded with bonuses! SEE BELOW.

    Get the tools to attract high quality men seeking commitment.

    You can create an exciting dating life that leads to a loving long-lasting relationship, marriage and beyond.


    • Do you worry that if you show a man your vulnerable side it will scare him away, or he may use your feelings to hurt you?
    • Overwhelmed there are so many Feminine Energy tools, yet confused how to use them all?
    • Does talking about your divorce, children, exes, job history, health or past feel uncomfortable and something you'd like to avoid during dating?
    • Do you feel that you don't deserve a high quality man, or once you fall for a man he will leave you?
    • Sick of waiting by the phone, scraping up crumbs from non-available men or feeling hopeless about meeting the right man?
    • Are you only meeting time wasters and attracting weirdos?
    • Feel you have NO TIME for dating and NO GOOD MEN in your city anyway?
    • Want to hide your identity online or feel unsafe or ASHAMED to put your dating profile out there?

    You deserve a DATING LIFE that feels as natural and comforting as your favorite yoga pants!

    Now's your chance to learn exactly how I recovered from Divorce over age 40, heartbreak, deep loss, and endured many breakups to attract and keep a quality man and BECOME A HAPPILY MARRIED WOMAN.



    Most of our instincts get it wrong in dating.

    Why do we get it wrong and end up feeling frustrated, depressed and alone?

    Because we are up in our heads figuring out men, vetting them and in our competitive masculine energy a la DOING, THINKING, PLANNING, SOLVING.

    Don't get me wrong, boy energy gets you to work on time!

    Your powerful boy side helps you endure 12 hour shifts and get the kids dressed, fed and ready for school at 6am.

    Women are amazing, resilient powerful dynamos. We can really do it all...

    EXCEPT... we love how men feel and how they make us feel. 

    We enjoy what men can do to us, and for us.

    As long as your relationship and dating life is functioning from your male energy perspective, it just won't work with a man.
    At least not for very long, or very well. Men will not endure another masculine energy challenge for long. If you are mostly in your BOY energy, the man will grow frustrated and weary.
    The man will pull away, behave hot and cold or tell you how wonderful you are -- then stop calling and texting, or disappear for good.
    FEMM TOOLS IN ACTION class teaches you how to turn the ship around and get back into your wildly powerful RECEIVING FEMININE ENERGY. You'll have the tools, resources and methods at your fingertips to successfully attract quality men who want commitment and marriage.

    Need some testimonials? Feel free to join my FREE online Facebook Group iHeartLoveAcademy.

    Each day women post their positive outcomes & experiences using my tools and methods at iHeartLoveAcademyclick here! My FB group is Private and a welcoming space to discuss & ask questions with other like-minded women.

    I'll teach you how to become any man's smokin' hot first choice. You'll learn how to open yourself up to being loved & admired through authenticity & honesty.

    You're invited to join:  FEMM TOOLS IN ACTION

    This is a One Day Video Class 'Retreat', just for you.

    Say 'YES' if you who want to create a deep-rooted connection with a quality man, one that leads to a loving long-lasting relationship, marriage and beyond.

    Frequently Asked Questions!

    FEMM TOOLS IN ACTION is a 4+ hour length class, previously recorded LIVE.

    You will receive a VIDEO playback option, AUDIO playback option and...

    Full access to the FEMM Library with loads of amazing pdf's and flowcharts that get your dating back on track.



    This is YOUR chance to fully understand FEMM TOOLS!

    How to use your tools while on a dating app.

    How to write an amazing profile that connects to a man's heart.

    How to speak to a man with FEMM ENERGY no matter what is being said.

    How to pull a man towards you and Magnetize him with your Feminine Power!

    How to let a man see you as a Goddess on a Pedestal yet feel a STRONG desire to protect and claim you.

    Learn to speak in a very simple way that invites him into your heart so he falls in LOVE with you.

    How to let your sensitivity, spirituality and compassion shine without DOING or GIVING to the man.

    How to date with kids, exes and job/schedule demands.

    We'll talk finances, sex and when to have "the talk"!

    You'll learn a specific dating pattern that MOST MEN do and how to navigate calm and cool in your relaxed FEMM vibe.

    You'll understand why the non-applicable man is integral to your dating success!

    Get my 4-Step Process to SPEAKING TO MEN!

    Understand how to harness your powerful feminine energy when you feel out of control and want to DO or SAY things you'll regret.

    End useless texting. Be immediately seen as a high quality woman. Date on YOUR schedule, NOT HIS.

    You'll understand how your MINDSET allows you to choose and attract Quality Men.

    Exercises to experiment with men PURSUING you so you connect with how that feels and can use those tools so that every man you meet pursues you.


    Learn how to keep attraction and affection on-going and HOT!

    Avoid common mistakes that repel men and send him the other way.

    Discover the hidden reason you sabotage your relationships, friendship and even family ties.

    This class will include bonus affirmations, tool audios, and PDFs as well!