Don’t Let His Problems Become Your Problems – Get OUT of His Head

Dear Diamond Girl,
Masculine characteristics, such as spending more time in a man's head than your own, can hold a woman back from showing her true vulnerability.
A deep connection and ultimately the keys to a man's heart get thwarted by well-meaning time you spend on solving HIS PROBLEMS instead of being in your rich, juicy life. Here's a quick list of some things that you may find yourself concerned with, or feel are blocking your relationship's true potential.  
His problems include: his divorce, his previous wife, living or dead, his kids taking up all his time, his daughter/son's opinion of you, his terrible childhood. his ex that 'really messed him up,' his sexual issues, his previous or current addictions, his job loss, his psychology, his job keeps him too busy, his money issues, his house is an hour from yours, his ex keeps calling, his divorce 'really messed him up,' he is spooked easily, he is emotional, he is a narcissist, he is depressed, he was really hurt before, he is a veteran, he had terrible parents, he is controlled by his children or his ex No matter what his problems are, they are HIS, and not yours to fix. His problems are not yours to fix or endure so that ONE DAY life is easy enough for him to claim, love or marry you.   A man is either moving TOWARD you or AWAY. My questions for you today: are his problems becoming your problems?  Does the man you love have too many problems/EXCUSES that prevent him from committing fully to you and really showing up in your life? ๐Ÿ‘‰Feminine Energy work begins and ends with how YOU feel. ๐Ÿ‘‰Your job is to stay in your body, not up in his head. Now, how do you feel? Can you answer how you feel without it being about the man?   Feminine Energy is about how you feel, not how the man feels. This means you can be loving and supportive, yet also realize your needs or desires just aren't getting met. Part of a loving long-lasting marriage is being committed to one another through good times and bad, even then, a man must stand on his own and find a solution to his problems. The more you help or stay up in his head helping him, the more distance you may feel. Even if you succeed at helping a man, you may find he begins to pulls away. A woman naturally can sense what people around her are feeling, most women are natural empaths especially with the people we love. Yet the Masculine side of our energy often wants to hop inside a man's head and sort through the puzzle of his thoughts hoping to figure him out. This exhausts YOU and gets you further away from the very things a man loves about you being a woman. You RECEIVE more than you GIVE. It's tempting to crawl inside a man's head but this action/thinking gets you nowhere except LOST from your beautiful self. ๐Ÿ‘‰All that really matters is How You Feel. When you get out of the man's head and into your body you'll begin to experience shifts in how good/free/light you feel and how the world responds to you. When you are outside of your body, only part of you is available for your family, kids, friends, loved ones, YOURSELF and even another man. The world gets half of you. You are in disconnect mode. Life feels hectic, frustrating, and you are not at your most attractive, or worse, you attract the wrong types. I have spent YEARS inside of a man's head. I was so Worried about how to help FIX this or that. I spent my beautiful days on this planet concerned with what he must be thinking or must have thought. Reclaim your mind, body and life now, please! YES...It is SO TEMPTING to 'figure the man out' and try to guess and solve all his internal happenings but this helps you not. Don't chatter to your mom or your girlfriends about what his head may be up to. It only draws more of those issues/problems into your life. (i.e. you are in his head.) You lose yourself. Your light goes dim. You become more focused on solving an emotional issue rather than caring for your OWN emotional well-being and feeling what's going on in your BODY. ๐Ÿ‘‰This Feminine Energy work begins and ends with how you feel. Again, a man is either moving toward you or away from you. If you are fixing his problems or up in his head, you are moving towards him, therefore he cannot pursue you. A man's problems are for him to solve, and if he wants it badly enough, he will figure it out - whatever IT is. Staying in your body INSPIRES a man closer. Your energy is expanding and not smothering him -- this is an alluring feminine quality. You can speak how you feel, you can be warm and you can even 'help' him by focusing on YOU and not fixing, figuring him out or being up in his head. Don't let his problems become your problems. Stay in your beautiful body. Much love to you, Adrienne P.S. Would you like to receive 1:1 coaching in a small private group where you can communicate with me directly in a supportive environment? If so, click here.

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