You can rewrite your love story and build the life of your dreams.

Get Him Back is for women struggling to build a solid and loving bond with a man after separation, distance or breakup.

Now you can learn the same techniques I used to get my dream relationship and a lovely Tiffany ring on my finger! (P.S. I was well over age 40!)

Get the Complete: Absolute Best Chances to Get Him Back program download for only $79.

You Get: 6 Audio/Video Classes + Library & More!

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Q: Who is 'ABCs to Get Him Back' for?

A: If your man has: shut you out, is perhaps depressed, down on himself, angry, says he loves you - yet has walked away...

You'll Get Answers for: WHY? WHAT? WHEN? HOW?

  • Identify why your man has ended the relationship.
  • Discover what he's been thinking/feeling/doing since the breakup.
  • Determine when's the best time to reach out to your ex to start over.
  • Learn how to make contact that truly CONNECTS to his heart, without leaning forward or feeling rejected.
  • Create a stronger relationship prior to the breakup.
  • Use all of your Feminine Energy tools and knowledge to Get Him Back & Keep Him.


ABCs are all about giving you the Absolute Best Chances to start over.

Even if you feel you've pushed your man away by pestering him on SM, text, or you've chased him and acted out in anger or frustration - it is far EASIER to REACTIVATE LOVE than starting over with someone new. 

If a larger part of you feels things just aren't over - in my professional experience - you are right!

My clients who feel there's 'just MORE' are always correct.  If a deep internal feeling is telling you, 'things just are not over yet,'  this man likely has a message/lesson for your personal growth and you ALSO have a great opportunity to make your love work. Otherwise, you'd easily move away from the breakup!

I give you the Absolute Best Chances to Start Over with your man and activate his primal urges to claim you for good.

MY THEORY: You would not have this dream to reunite with your man if it were not possible.

If you want to give your Love a professional and earnest try, the ABCs to Get Him Back program is for you.  

The ABCs to Get Him Back will give you the answers you've been looking for and the skill set  to turn your relationship fate around.

Even though well meaning friends and family may advise, "Forget him and just move on!" This advice is much easier said, that FELT and ACTED ON. The reason you can't get him out of your mind is because there's just MORE for the two of you. You know it and FEEL it.
  • You may feel you're turning your back on an amazing future with a man you love.
  • That you could say or do something to trigger his love for you.
  • Perhaps you had an argument and you want to apologize and try a fresh start.
  • Deep down the relationship feels right and you want to get back on course.
Instead of sitting awake in bed at night thinking, "WHAT IF?"  When you learn and practice proven tools and processes, you will have the Absolute Best Chances (ABCs) to Get Him Back.

I am often asked:  What if this fails?

I believe MINDSET is everything.  This program delivers the Absolute Best Chances and it's worked for women all over the globe. Yet in those rare cases where I reconnect the couple, yet they still cannot make it work, my clients rest easy in knowing: We gave it our best try!

In MOST cases my clients who follow the guidelines in the ABCs, the man reaches out FIRST.  I devote many steps to reconnecting with him slowly and rebuilding. This is KEY!

ABCs to Get Him Back gives you the Absolute Best Chances with your man no matter how long you've been broken up or feeling distant.  The time to rebuild is now.

I've been teaching this program privately and in my Love Academy Online Classes for nearly 5 years with amazing results. Everyday women share their success stories and so can you one day!

See SUCCESS STORIES HERE: @EverheartCoaching 

Now you too can study at your own pace with my ABCs Classes, Library and Homework.

I teach you a tool called, "The Hail Mary Pass." In most cases the man contacts you before the Hail Mary Pass time frame!  This ACTION from the man is due to powerful mindset techniques that elevate your quality as a woman, with all men.  He will sense a change in you and be drawn to and activated NO MATTER THE DISTANCE. (I teach you how!) The KEY is when the man returns (with curiosity or even appearing as a friend) you'll know the tools to activate his masculine energy. Your man will be drawn to you like a magnet and charged up to claim you as his own - forever!

Hello Lovely You,

I encourage you to READ THIS IN FULL so you get the scope of my ABCs to Get Him Back program, which is unlike anything else out there.

It's nothing like therapy or all the manipulation tactics to 'seduce your ex' and so on. As you already know, seduction and manipulation does not produce lasting results with a man. A man has to feel, on a gut level, that you are the woman he want's to claim.

I can hardly believe the Feminine Energy transformation I've made in my life, all due to losing men that I loved.

I've gone from broken, bitter and despondent to breaking self limiting barriers and creating a loving and lasting marriage!

After spending long seasons allowing life to "happen" to me, I was the definition of misery. I was a broken and angry woman. But this CHANGED when I found my purpose, my gift and my greatness… I am here to share this with YOU.

After countless therapy sessions and purchasing expensive and manipulative TEXT YOUR EX programs written by handsome, single & sassy men, I was left with only more heartbreak. I knew there had to be a better way.

My journey led me to amazing discoveries in Feminine Energy (and beyond!) This is why I can GUARANTEE that anyone who follows all I share in this program can attract their Man Back and get that second chance you've been hoping for. Period!

I have found what works. It worked for me and it works for my clients. It will work for you too.

ABCs to Get Him Back gives you the Absolute Best Chances of not only reconnecting with your man but keeping him

Every week I receive emails from women around the world, all sharing their stories about how they reconnected with their man after they were certain all love was lost. 

Here's your opportunity to do the very same thing. You can ignite a fresh fire in your love life and have the man you love wrapping you up in his arms once again.

***P.S. Pay with confidence for the GET HIM BACK program through Paypal. It is one of the most secure and easy-to-navigate payment technologies available. We want to ensure that you feel confident when placing your order with us, and allowing you to select PayPal is a way of doing this.***

Because anyone can teach you to send a text that gets your man back in bed with you, but that text won't keep him there with you, it won't lock up his heart the way my methods teach you.

You may ask – Why am I sounding so confident? I have been able to achieve 100% results with every woman that has signed up for my program and followed it.  I get you reconnected to your man.

I also maintain 100% transparency.  Sometimes a man has issues that your feminine love and warmth cannot heal. Sometimes a client rushes the process before doing her 'inner work' completely. 

In these cases, the man and the woman have not fully healed.  Yet my ABCs gives you the Absolute Best Chances no matter how long the healing time requires. I learned more about myself and my heart AWAY from my man, than when with him.

The key is to use the time you are apart to reach your optimum wellness, achieve stellar inner growth and become your most attractive vibrational & emotional.

You see, once the two of you are CONNECTED this bond does not go away overnight (if ever). In my GHB program you learn the inner work required to make the outer results happen. 

It need not be all doom and gloom; once you have the right man on your radar… everything unfolds perfectly. This program teaches you that too. ;-)

Here's What You Get with the ABCs to GET HIM BACK:

  • 6 Class Videos and Audios.  Class time is 1-3 hours in length each.
  • 2 Bonus Videos: Get Him Back Interview with Rori Raye & How to Boost Your Erotic Sexy Vibe.
  • Get Him Back ROADMAP - guides you along the way with exactly what to say or do.
  • VIP library of 20+ items!
  • Includes a NEW YOU Meditation that helps you reconnect with your man and yourself.
  • Why my man turned it all around & chose me. (Enlightening interview with my husband Jeff.)
  • I also teach my Marriage Manifesting Matrix - leap from alone & lonely to happily married.

You Also Get VIP Library Access

  • 14 PDF's/eBooks:
    Get the Love You Want
    Stop Attracting the Wrong Men
    Attract Quality Men: How to Write your Dating Profile
    7 Steps to Attract the Right Man for You
    When Online Dating Terrifies
    Quantum Dating Tracker (Excel Document)
    Sex Sex Sex!
    5 Ways to MAN READY Your Home  (feng shui)
    How to Quantum Date in a Relationship
    How to Date Unzipped
    Avoid Over-Investment
    The Voice Within Us All - NASTY VOICE
    Healing Your Wounded Inner Child
    Diamond Girl Toolbox

The Library Includes:

  • Man Magnet tool, 4 Rules and New Man Manifesto Simplico Info-graphics.
  • New You Meditation, & Audio Interview with my husband Jeff.
  • Plus 100+ Places to Meet Men (for Quantum Dating!) this doc gets updated often.

A Quick Recap of the ABCs

  • 10+ hours of Get Him Back videos + audio class recordings,

  • Class includes theory work and class attendees (previously) live Q&A answering top Get Him Back questions,

  • WORKSHEETS designed for Neuro-Pathway changes to activate your Feminine Energy and Goddess Mindset,

  • VIP Library Access to 20 of my top selling ebooks & quick guides ($400 Value)

    You don't have to keep checking SM & your phone and hoping he gets in touch with you.

    You can now have access to ALL the Tools & Processes that give you the very best chances or attracting him back. I also include my EXCLUSIVE Hail Mary Tool.

  • You can listen from anywhere with Downloadable Audio Files or Watch the Recorded Videos.


    Step-by-step techniques, expert advice and tools to get you ahead of the breakup game.

    Yes, I said, 'GAME.' So often breakups are POWER MOVES where the man's life feels so out-of-control, helpless and shrouded in feminine energy - HE HAS NO OTHER CHOICE BUT TO LEAVE - so he can return to feeling like a man again.

    I'll show you how the very things he needs as a man, he can feel once again with YOU in his life. Remember, a man has to know and feel having you in his life makes his life BETTER. Worry not, no matter how little contact you have, ABC2GHB is a Special Program designed around rebuilding with a man, hitting the RESET BUTTON on the relationship and starting over brand new.

    Adrienne Everheart



  • Full Program is 6 Classes with Master Coach & Teacher Specializing in Breakup Recovery.

  • Classes are 90+ minutes in length and in video or audio format.

  • Q&A that answers many top relationship concerns.

  • My Proven & Exclusive Processes to GET HIM BACK.

  • Learn What a Man's Words or Silence Really Mean.

  • Awaken your Authentic & Vulnerable Feminine Energy to GET HIM BACK!

  • Step-By-Step Process of Rebuilding - no matter what your situation may be.

  • Discover the 'gift' of your broken heart.

  • Make friends with the past, heal so you can start anew.

  • Gain confidence so you'll look and feel your MOST attractive to him.

  • Learn the words he wants to hear.

  • Feel grounded when you speak or see him - even if he's dating someone else.

  • Rev up your feminine vibe so he finds you irresistible.
  • Library
  • Gain Access to My Personal Collection of Amazing Guides, Quick Reads & eBooks.

  • Topics Include: Sex, Scripting, Dating, Over-Investing & Attracting & Keeping a HIGH QUALITY MAN.

  • Comprehensive Dating Profile & Photo How To Guide.

  • Meditation & Special Interview with my man on WHY AFTER BREAKING UP HE RETURNED TO ME.

  • and much more!

  • MOJO
  • Understand this is HIS Audition with YOU.

  • Act, Move & Feel Like a Lady & WIN His Heart.

  • Uncover Your Hidden Vulnerabilities.

  • Activate His Masculine Drive to Protect, Provide & Love You.

  • Use Social Media/Texts to BOOST Your Feminine Allure.

  • Discover Why Courtesy, Good Manners, Thank Yous and Apologies Ruin It With Men.

  • Speak Your Heart & Drive Him Wild for You.

  • Intuition
  • Get Your HIGH QUALITY GODDESS Vibe In Tune!

  • He Doesn't Own You & Learn How To Act and Think Independently.

  • Find Out What REALLY Draws a Man To You & What KEEPS Him There.

  • Stop Taking CRAP From Men! Learn Boundaries That Put You On a Pedestal.

  • Feel Confident, Attractive & Stable in Your Feelings & Boundaries.

  • Attract High Quality Men With Your Vibe.

  • Learn why you need to stop saying 'thank you' and other language that lowers your value.

  • This Exclusive Program is Only $79

    ABOUT ME: Many of you already follow me on YOUTUBE  (subscribe here) and know that I'm gifted at reconnecting couples - and this is something I'm VERY proud of - because I teach women how to reconnect with the man they LOVE!
    What job is better than that? 
    In fact, it is the easier half of my job!  
    Activating a man's heart, allowing him to heal through you and bringing back to life all the wonderful love you both shared is the EASY part.
    Keeping the man... that's another thing.
    That's why I've created an Exclusive Program to Get Him Back & Keep Him.
    You may know that... When I was dumped and SO brokenhearted,  I desperately scoured the internet for any post, program, guide, pdf, video series... you name it... anything I could read in hopes of getting him back.
    I paid for tarot readings, psychics and other stuff that did nothing except fuel my insecurities and FEAR.
    When that failed me, I found LOADS OF MEN on the internet Selling to Women methods on HOW TO GET YOUR EX BACK. (Mind you, many of these men are single themselves!)

    I remember paying $1000 for a video program and half-way through, realizing it was *so manipulative* and degrading. There was no way I was going to do that to my man, or myself. 
    Another program was selling me on 'HOW TO GET YOUR EX BACK.'  He helped me fool and trick my guy's 'brain' but that only resulted in booty calls that left me feeling worse than before.
    I was exhausted spending money and time on programs that did not work.
    I tried no-contact or 'NC,' and it felt grueling and fake. 
    When I finally broken down and sent my Ex a photo of his favorite puppy of mine, he replied saying he missed us. Our hearts connected with that one small, yet sincere gesture.
    I've often thought 'what if' I would've kept up the NC charade?
    Would the love of my life have returned to me by playing a game?  You decide...
    Much love to you,
    Adrienne Everheart

    Don't waste another day feeling angry, lost in depression and self-blame.
    The Complete GHB Program is only $79