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December 14, 2016
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December 26, 2016

Vital Advice : Who Is Speaking & Sabotaging the Relationship?

Have You Ever Felt Something… Right Before it Happened?

If so… That’s your powerful and intelligent gut talking!    It’s amazing how we can all sense and feel things especially when our survival counts on it.

Yet what about when you sense or feel an argument with your man is about to happen?

Sometimes as humans we can “bait” one another and set them up for an argument. You may at times sense you are being baited. A small still voice inside you suggests, “Don’t fall for this crap!”

Sometimes we feel an odd sense of relief after we argue, or during the argument. We have felt the tension building and now here it is!

We can often recreate our childhood — especially if our parents argued in the home, and most parents do.

Or perhaps we feel out of control and scared and creating an argument distracts us from it all?

What if you could Build a Deep Bond with Your Man &

STOP an argument before it begins by

 listening to your gut?

Here’s important tips to help you find your all-knowing gut. Note: Your Gut is not your brain or your nasty voice.

  1. Your Brain – is mostly facts, survival based and logical. The brain can often be your “boy energy” and seeks solutions and problem solves.  Your eyes will look to the ceiling or upward when the brain is doing the work. The Brain reasons: “He hasn’t called me back.  I feel nervous now. I want to text him again.”  These are all facts mixed with a desire to “do” or solve!
  2. Miss Nasty Voice – She will cut you down and into a million tiny pieces.  She says, “He’s probably thinking about leaving you and with another girl.  No one likes you for very long, you lose in love remember?  You aren’t pretty/skinny/smart/ enough.”  Nasty Voice will have your eyes looking blankly at a wall or into the distance/blank stare.  Nasty voice is always a bit long-winded and negative.
  3. Your GUT – She is succinct, balanced and just feels right. Her voice calms you.  She can be heard and felt  when you slow down your brain, silence your nasty voice and take a deep, slow breath.  Your Gut can best be heard if you close your eyes and look down toward your tummy. She knows, “He will call back when he wants to.  I don’t feel good when I overthink things. If I text him again I will appear pushy and desperate, and deep down I want to see what he can say or do to build a relationship with me.

Doesn’t that FEEL right?

I encourage you to practice observing “WHO IS DOING THE SPEAKING HERE?”

Your Gut isn’t about drama, chaos, or fixing things.

Your Gut doesn’t talk bad about you.

Your Gut sums it up, short and sweet and truthfully.

Remember, your best chances with a man are when you Lean Back and allow the man to show you what he can do, fix and who he can be in the relationship.

You are there to Receive, Express, Feel and be the Amazing Lovely Woman he craves to be around. You are the thrill the man seeks — just by showing up. 🙂

Watch my Video Blog with MORE on the subject of avoiding an argument, finding your Gut and two sleepy kitties!

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