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October 22, 2015
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A $100,000 Technique To Pull Love Closer

What Would You Do With $100,000?

Here… take it… it’s a check made out to you for $100,000.

This money is for you, so that you can better your life.

So… what does this have to do with a man…?  Please keep reading… I’m getting to that part…

Relax and think: What are you going to do just for yourself with this huge chunk of change???

You can spend it on yourself however you please. What would you spend it on?

  • College classes
  • Pay off debt
  • Start a business
  • Take time off to write a book
  • Take a much needed trip or vacation
  • Improve your teeth or smile
  • Invest in a personal trainer
  • Buy gym equipment for your home
  • Home repairs or renovations

Think of all the ways you would improve your life with $100,000 to spend on yourself.

How would it feel to say to your friends, “I’m leaving for two weeks in Belize on Thursday, right after my new bubble tub gets installed!  And… I’m so glad I took all those private training classes, my abs are rock hard!  I look and feel so great!  Better relax while I can… Once I return home, I’m taking a 3-month course that will help me start my decorating business. ”

Without a doubt it would feel great to use this money to invest in your own life, just for you.

NOW, ask yourself: would you be willing to spend some of this money on the man in your life who is hot and cold? The guy who is here today, gone tomorrow? Or perhaps he is gone for good, or simply the man you’re currently “trying to figure out”?

Would you want to drop ANY of this cash on the guy you met a few months ago… who has since disappeared? Would you give him $10-50K to help him out and better his life too?

What about the guy who unceremoniously broke up with you? Would you give him even ten bucks to help him out???

I’m guessing (and hoping) the answer to this question is a BIG FAT “NO!!”

Okay, maybe you’d toss him $5, to buy some soap to clean up his act???

Realistically, you wouldn’t be inclined to give a man who is not invested in you money, because money has a real value in your life. Your thoughts, time, and energy are no different.  They have value, and can be used to invest in You… not him.

Your betterment  money would not be given away freely to a man who has rejected you!

Here’s the shift:

What if you treated your time, energy, and thoughts as you would a large sum of money?

What if you treated your personal time, your energy, and your thoughts  just like valuable cash in hand?

You can change your life in the most amazing ways when you begin to invest in yourself (not him).

When you use your boy energy to ramp up your own life, amazing things begin to happen… You tune into your hearts desires! Your heart begins to beat for You, and Your Life begins to unfold magically.

Your attitude shifts, and things begin to work out for you serendipitously.

People or men show up out of nowhere eager to be in your life.

People who can help you, or have the education or tools you are seeking simply appear!

Opportunity comes knocking when you are focused on spending your resources on yourself.

After all, this is your life to live, learn, feel and do for you – not for him, especially if he has rejected you.

Yet having a partner to experience life with can feel amazing! However, if we do not get things right with ourselves first, how can we get things right with another?

That’s why investing in yourself, really, truly developing your own life, your own hobbies, and passions, is so important to the success of your relationship.

When you invest in yourself, you reap the rewards, your life develops, and you are seen as a powerful, dynamite, successful woman.  You are in your Goddess Energy!  You are exuding greatness!

When you focus your boy energy onto your own life, you become too busy to be concerned with chasing down a waffling, and aloof man.  Men instead begin to pursue you, because you are seen as valuable,  and unobtainable.

This is an important part in capturing a man’s heart, and possessing the qualities that will attract your Forever Man!

This holiday season, if you are alone,  I hope you will take time to read a book, or take an online class, kick-start your exercise routine, clean out your closets, make the ultimate life list, discover your passion project, or whatever it may be – DO something productive that invests in yourself, for yourself.

It may take some time for the “tides to turn” yet, if you continue to invest in yourself, I can promise you things will turn around.  If you need some help in turning things around, we can do this together…Quickly!  Simply email me for a complimentary coaching session…

What if I can’t stop thinking about a man, no matter how much I try?

If you are having a difficult time with intrusive thoughts that nag at you about a man, or find your mind keeps wandering back to him and mulling over things, try my Release Unwanted Thoughts Tool also found in my blog.

With love always,


Adrienne Everheart


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