Hi, this is Adrienne...

I turned my heartbreak and dating experiences into 'New Man Manifesto,' a proven program that aligns you with the man you're meant to be with, or pulls the man you desire back to you.

This program truly works - and now you can experience the entire NMM course and learn and study at your own pace. Or you can sign up for the LIVE CLASSES starting in February 2018.

How New Man Manifesto was Created...

You see, my personal experience with divorce and heartbreak is why I became a Certified Love & Relationship Coach.

I felt I was an 'amazing catch.'

I had a great career. I felt beautiful. I had love in my heart.  Yet despite these great qualities, my love life and heart hit rock bottom several times over. 

My days were filled with tears and pain. My nights felt hopeless and lonely.

The only thing that was really working in my life was my career...  Yet eventually heartbreak took such a hold on me, I lost my job... and due to all the stress, I developed a rare health condition to boot.

Perhaps you can understand? Or you've felt similar? Below, you can sign up for the next LIVE CLASSES Starting February 1st, 2018, or Access the Recorded Program Instantly! 

WITH INSTANT ACCESS: You'll get 12 recorded classes from Winter & Spring, Weekly Homework Handouts (journal exercises & more), Guides, PDFs and much more! NMM is sent directly to your inbox - so you can learn and study at your own pace - all for only $189.

In this process, I became a Certified Coach helping hundreds of women re-claim lost love and attract the man they are meant to be with. 

This process is lovingly called : NEW MAN MANIFESTO

Because You Can MANIFEST the MAN you love, NOW, into the desired partnership you're seeking.


You will Call Forth the MAN you are MEANT to be with.

I'm now a happily married women to the man who walked away from me, and I can show you how to attract the man you desire, or call forth the loving relationship and man you are meant to be with.

Have you ever wondered, "What's the 'solution' to being single?"

Or if you're already in a relationship, "What's the secret to making Us Work -- like we once did?"

Or, "How can I re-attract the man I desire and build a loving, long-lasting partnership?"

Why is it so many couples make it look easy, yet an attractive, successful and amazing woman like yourself is single or unmarried... for Years!?

You may be feeling unloved, unwanted, misunderstood and abandoned. 

I'd like to openly chat about your love life – or more specifically the Absence of a Loving Relationship and How YOU CAN Turn it Around.

If you're READY to make AMAZING CHANGES in your LIFE & LOVE LIFE, know this...
I’ve been right where you are now. I made crappy relationship choices, I gave too much of myself and got less in return.  I fell in love with men who could not and would not Meet My Basic Needs.

When I was married, I was unhappy. I read countless relationship books.  My husband and I sought advice from 7+ Professionals. Our marriage did not have to end -- if I only knew then what I know now.

You don't have to make the same mistakes I did.

I was chasing after love and even when I got the guy, I wasn’t REALLY happy at all.

Because I always wanted more, and the man just could not keep up. The man always had some excuse as to WHY he could not give or be the man I wanted.

You don't have to struggle.  You can learn all the tools, secrets and techniques I've created in NEW MAN MANIFESTO. 


Class is for 6 weeks.  You'll get one-on-one coaching time, full email support, homework, PDF's, guides, guest speakers, class materials and much more.

The cost is $799 and payment plans are available.  

You May Be Living Deep In 'OLD' Beliefs...

Did you ever consider that your past relationships, or even the man you have in your life now could be holding you back from finding the long-lasting love you desire?

Because the very man you are chasing and wanting to claim you is the “messenger” that is holding your heart back.

But before you quit him, give up on love or walk away….

There is Something You Can Learn From the Man in Front of You Right Now -- And it Leads to the Loving Long-Lasting Relationship you Crave.

You Are Meant to be Loved and Adored

+You are worthy of love.

+You are allowed to have MANY men pursuing you at once. 

+You are free to choose the man you desire.

+You are loved.

 You Can Have the Relationship You've Longed For

That may mean marriage, or a private ceremony. A beautiful life that you share with a loving man you connect with. Waking up with him sleeping next to you… or perhaps he’s in the kitchen brewing your favorite tea or coffee.

The possibilities are exciting and unlimited!

I created my program, NEW MAN MANIFESTO,

so Love can be Yours. Whether you are Single or Attached.


If you want 2018 to be the Year You Find Love and begin building the relationship you desire, I encourage you to take the first step!

Classes  begin February 1st, 2018.  (All classes will be recorded if you cannot attend.)  During this 6-Week Process,  you will be introduced to a new way of thinking, planning, feeling and being that will immediately begin to change your relationship life. 

+We're going to get you & your home man-ready

+get specific about the man and relationship you desire

+SET a date for when he will arrive.

+you get FULL EMAIL ACCESS to me during this time.

If you have questions about how the program works let's set up a complimentary call. Please send me an email and I will reply asap.  I look forward to hearing from you and getting you on the path towards True Love.

If you're READY to Get Started You Can -- Sign Up Here.

Or You Can Learn More at NEW-MAN-blog


The 6-Week Class, Materials, Email Support, and Recordings would

cost you more than $2250 in private coaching.


This amazing program is only $799


All Classes will be recorded, with live Q&A, Demos and more.

This is far less than what I typically charge for private coaching.

In the 6-Week class You will learn all the tools & secrets.

Class time is tailored to your needs - having your specific questions answered.

You will also receive 6-Weeks of Email Support/Access to go over class materials, and answer

questions that may arise in your personal process.

You are Loved and Deserving of the Love You Crave.



P.S. It can feel challenging investing in yourself in this new way... we've become used to shoes, food, or trips to heal us.  The work we will do together won't ever go out of style, or become obsolete.  Instead, you will build upon it for a lifetime, making your relationship a deep emotional connection that cannot be broken.  You'll eagerly share your knowledge with girlfriends, daughters, and even Mom.  This work goes DEEP and is a LIFETIME investment, Just For You.



New Man Manifesto Program Details

Class begins February 1st, 2018

  1. Class will be recorded if for any reason you cannot attend. 

  2. You will have email access to me for the entire duration of class.

  3. You get Lifetime Access to ALL my "Love Academy" Class Recordings.

  4. Your Personal Questions will be answered in class or in email.

  5. TWO Special Interviews from my own New Man. Hear my guy discuss first-hand what Leaning Back felt like to him, and what inspired him to commit his heart and life with me.

Here's what the New Man Manifesto Looks Like...

  • We're going to get you & your home man-ready

  • get specific about the man and relationship you desire

  • and SET a date for when he will arrive.

Spring Classes start the first week of April, and we are going to dig deep and get your love life on track.

Each Week you will be part of a group call where I take you through the following:

+ release old patterns of thinking about men and relationships

+ find your Diamond Girl within - what makes you shine

+ a Circular Dating Spreadsheet - so you can find what works (and what doesn't)

+ a Customized Daily Mantra that guides your man towards you. This one step alone works amazingly well!

+ Me and You, one-on-one during each call -- diving deep into how your life is transforming this week and where you need additional support.

+Grow and Heal with "your sisters" as we all learn, share and move together.

New Man Manifesto is a 6-Week Intensive Group Program

+ We will map out and hone in on your Forever Man and create a plan that leads him to you. 

+ We are going to discover the most feminine & feeling version of you...
+ We cultivate how you're going to show up in the dating world, in person, your dating profile and your online photos.

+ We will find out what a loving relationship looks and feels like  to you in 2017 and beyond.

We practice Rori Raye 'tools' for weekly dates, scripting, flirting and more!

(If you're not familiar with RR, worry not I will teach you everything you need to know.)

+ Whether it's the man in front of you or the man in line at Starbucks -- each week we are going to focus on specific tools that Draw Men Closer and allow you to PRACTICE.
+ We go deeper into scripting for: when he talks about his ex, when to have sex, if he triggers you, if you're bored, if he's unattractive, if you're falling for him FAST or if you miss YOUR EX...

+ We practice moving away from perfection and how to experiment with dating a man that is completely different than what you're looking for.  This is a fun and eye-opening experiment!

+ You will become irresistible to any man - by finding your feminine voice, stepping away from the familiar, and challenging your boy energy to boost your girl essence. 

+ Discover your Inner Saboteur and the Over-Functioning Voice that rules So Many Women!

+Find out who you are and who you desire for 2018 and beyond - for 6 weeks this is your focus.

Here's What You Will Receive

+ 6 Weekly Group Session - class will last an hour or longer.
+ A one-on-one Question & Answer Session during each class.
+ Worksheets to do in-between class to get you focused and on track toward your Forever Guy.
+ Email access to me while we are working together - prior to each class for questions.
+ Lifetime Access to my Love Academy Class recordings.


+ Exciting Special Guests to accompany and enhance the new tools you will be learning.

+Two Part Interview with my man! You can ask questions about what inspires a man to claim a woman, how my guy turned it all around, how it feels to be with a woman who leans back and only receives.                                                                                                 

I'm offering this for all just $479  -- (payment plans are available if needed.)

This is far less than what I typically charge for private coaching!

If you are READY to take this first step you can sign up here

OR email me with any questions you may have!


Much Love, and I'm SO EXCITED to see how your love life unfolds!