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Absolute Best Chances to Get Him Back & Keep Him

Or, ABCs to Get Him Back.

ABC2GHB is the game-changing relationship program
women everywhere are talking about.

YOU dream of building a powerful & passionate bond with a man, and creating the loving family you've always hoped for.
YOU want to rebuild, grow, refresh and awaken love that has endured breakup, distance or 'relationship fatigue.'
ABC2GHB gives you the tools, methods, support and processes to not only win back the man you love, but rebuild a strong bond so you KEEP HIM for good.



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Topics on the '6 Secrets' include:

  • The #1 Secret Your Ex Doesn't Want You to Know.
  • Two of the BIGGEST BLOCKS that cause a man to walk away, and what you can do to fix it!
  • What you can do NOW to Get Your Ex Back.
  • Learn my TOP SECRET game-changing boundary that GETS HIM BACK & KEEPS HIM.
  • & Much more!
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    Q: Who is 'ABCs to Get Him Back' for?

    A: If your man has: shut you out, is depressed, says he loves you - yet has walked away...

    You'll Get Answers for: WHY? WHAT? & WHEN?

    • IDENTIFY: Why your man has ended the relationship.
    • DISCOVER: What's he thinking/feeling/doing since the breakup?
    • TIMING: When's the best time to reach out to your ex, if ever? 
    • CREATE: A stronger relationship than before the breakup.


    Even if you feel you've already pushed your man away by pestering him on SM, text, or you've chased him and acted out in anger or frustration - it is far EASIER to REACTIVATE LOVE than RECREATE LOVE. 

    If a larger part of you feels things just aren't over - in my professional experience - you are right! My clients who feel there's just MORE are always correct in my experience.  You are no different.

    If you want to give your Love a professional and earnest try, this program is for you.  

    Get Him Back & Keep Him is 4 Classes, Answers to your most popular questions, homework, library access & MUCH MORE! ONLY $149

    Step-by-step techniques, expert advice and tools to get you ahead of the breakup game.

    Yes, I said, 'GAME.' So often breakups are POWER MOVES where the man's life feels so out-of-control, helpless and shrouded in feminine energy - HE HAS NO OTHER CHOICE BUT TO LEAVE - so he can return to feeling like a man again.

    I'll show you how the very things he needs as a man, he can feel once again with YOU in his life. Remember, a man has to know and feel having you in his life makes his life BETTER. Worry not, no matter how little contact you have, ABC2GHB is a Special Program designed around rebuilding with a man, hitting the RESET BUTTON on the relationship and starting over brand new.

    Adrienne Everheart



  • 4 Classes with Seasoned Master Coach & Teacher Specializing in Breakup Recovery.

  • Classes last 90+ minutes in length & will be recorded for you.

  • LIVE Q&A - worry not, you will remain anon.

  • LIVE Interactive Class Chat!

  • Exclusive Training to GET HIM BACK.

  • Learn What a Man's Words or Silence Really Mean.

  • Awaken your Authentic & Vulnerable Feminine Energy to GET HIM BACK!

  • Step-By-Step Process of Rebuilding - no matter what your situation may be.

  • Discover the 'gift' of your broken heart.

  • Make friends with the past, heal so you can start anew.

  • Gain confidence so you'll look and feel your MOST attractive to him.

  • Learn the words he wants to hear.

  • Feel grounded when you speak or see him - even if he's dating someone else.

  • Rev up your feminine vibe so he finds you irresistible.
  • Library
  • Gain Access to My Personal Collection of Amazing Guides, Quick Reads & eBooks.

  • Topics Include: Sex, Scripting, Dating, Over-Investing & Attracting & Keeping a HIGH QUALITY MAN.

  • Comprehensive Dating Profile & Photo How To Guide.

  • Meditation & Special Interview with my man on WHY AFTER BREAKING UP HE RETURNED TO ME.

  • and much more!

  • MOJO
  • Understand this is HIS Audition with YOU.

  • Act, Move & Feel Like a Lady & WIN His Heart.

  • Uncover Your Hidden Vulnerabilities.

  • Activate His Masculine Drive to Protect, Provide & Love You.

  • Use Social Media/Texts to BOOST Your Feminine Allure.

  • Discover Why Courtesy, Good Manners, Thank Yous and Apologies Ruin It With Men.

  • Speak Your Heart & Drive Him Wild for You.

  • Intuition
  • Get Your HIGH QUALITY GODDESS Vibe In Tune!

  • He Doesn't Own You & Learn How To Act and Think Independently.

  • Find Out What REALLY Draws a Man To You & What KEEPS Him There.

  • Stop Taking CRAP From Men! Learn Boundaries That Put You On a Pedestal.

  • Feel Confident, Attractive & Stable in Your Feelings & Boundaries.

  • Attract High Quality Men With Your Vibe.

  • and so much more!

  • This Exclusive Program is Only $147


    4 Days with Me, Adrienne Everheart

    +The Absolute Best Chances to GET HIM BACK & KEEP HIM

    +LIVE Q&A and Chat with Moi!

    + 4 Homework Assignments (PDF)

    +Library Items, eBooks, Quick Guides, Cheat Sheets & More

    +Recorded Series for you to Keep!


    ABOUT ME: Many of you already follow me on YOUTUBE and know that I'm gifted at reconnecting couples - and this is something I'm VERY proud of - because I teach women how to reconnect with the man they LOVE!
    What job is better than that? 
    In fact, it is the easier half of my job!  
    Activating a man's heart, allowing him to heal through you and bringing back to life all the wonderful love you both shared is the EASY part.
    Keeping the man... that's another thing.
    That's why I've created an Exclusive Program to Get Him Back & Keep Him.
    You may know that... When I was dumped and SO brokenhearted,  I desperately scoured the internet for any post, program, guide, pdf, video series... you name it... anything I could read in hopes of getting him back.
    I paid for tarot readings, psychics and other stuff that did nothing except fuel my insecurities and FEAR.
    When that failed me, I found LOADS OF MEN on the internet Selling to Women methods on HOW TO GET YOUR EX BACK. (Mind you, many of these men are single themselves!)

    I remember paying $1000 for a video program and half-way through, realizing it was *so manipulative* and degrading. There was no way I was going to do that to my man, or myself. 
    Another program was selling me on 'HOW TO GET YOUR EX BACK.'  He helped me fool and trick my guy's 'brain' but that only resulted in booty calls that left me feeling worse than before.
    FAIL!   $$$FAIL$$$   fail;-(
    I tried no-contact or 'NC,' and it felt grueling and fake. 
    When I finally broken down and sent my Ex a photo of his favorite puppy of mine, he replied saying he missed us. Our hearts connected with that one small, yet sincere gesture.
    I've often thought 'what if' I would've kept up the NC charade?
    Would the love of my life have returned to me by playing a game?  You decide...

    Don't spend forever wondering WHAT IF?

    Give your love & life the Absolute Best Chances to GET HIM BACK & KEEP HIM.


    ALL FOR ONLY $149

    Class Times & Schedule

    Monday, November 20th at 7:30pm ET, 4:30pm PST
    Friday, November 24th at noon ET, 9am PST
    Monday, November 27th at 5pm ET, 2pm PST
    Wednesday, November 29th at 5pm ET, 2pm PST

    If you cannot attend a class, worry not, it will be recorded and made available to you.

    You'll also have LIFETIME ACCESS to the class recordings to view & review when needed.

    You may email your question beforehand if you cannot attend one class.

    You Also Get Access to My GHB VIP Library

    Good News for you!  This library contains a wealth of easy-to-read and understand Quick Guides.  I love to break down the complex to bite-sized portions you can keep & read on the go!

    Get Access Now! You can download this complete program, homework and additional material and begin the process of Getting Him Back, now!


    I attended the 3-Day event with Helena and Adrienne and learned so much.  I loved listening to them, and they have such a caring and helpful style of teaching.  I'm finally feeling relaxed dating again and good men are showing up everywhere!  -  Candice, Center Hill, Fl

    When I'd get around a man I liked - I'd shut down. When I was around a man I didn't like - I'd shut down still. I was so hurt after my divorce I found it impossible to trust and feel again.  I'm now dating a lovely man who puts me first and it feels wonderful.  - Tamra, San Diego, Ca

    Men didn't seem to notice me in public and never spoke or approached me.  I can honestly say I have become a man magnet and I feel adored and lovely as a woman again.  - Avigail, Israel

    I'm so happy I coached with Adrienne.  She's changed my life, showed me how to heal my heart and speak from my gut. I'm happily engaged to a wonderful man now and we are planning our wedding.  I'm not sure what I would have done without her help. - Rebecca, Fredericksburg, TX



    What if I cannot attend a class?  Class will be recorded for replay. You will have access to the recordings for your lifetime.

    Is this class only for people who are broken up?  No, this class will focus on getting him back after a breakup but this also works for emotional distance, a hot/cold man and a relationship that is experiencing the warning signs of breakup. Get this info now before it's too late.

    I'm not interested in dating anyone but my ex, how will this class help me? There's so much more to relationships than just dating. I show you how to be open and allow your heart to be an invitation to the man. You'll be shown lots of ways to meet men wherever you go so when your man DOES return, you'll be ready.

    What happens after I pay and join? You'll be emailed all the information you need!

    I don't have Paypal, is there another way to purchase? Unfortunately we accept Paypal only, but you don't need an account with PPal to purchase. 

    Anything else? Feel free to email Adrienne at everheartcoaching@gmail.com

    ABCs2GHB is ONLY $149