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You Do It Because It Feels Good…

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You Do It Because It FEELS GOOD… Sent Monday, June 6, 2016 View as plaintext

Most Women Desire A Specific Man…
Because this One Man has already proven to us that he can make us feel good…
He’s made you feel…not just good, but Amazing, Fulfilled, Satisfied, Calm, Loved, Appreciated…
You saw Forever with him at your side.
The Two of You FIT TOGETHER so well…
The sex was off the charts…
You felt at home with him…
Shared a similar dream…
This man made you feel like one in a million…
He backed away, he broke things off, you got tired of waiting and all the good and potential you once shared… Ended.
That “Something” that changed is the topic of this Tuesday’s Live (and FREE!) call-in class.
This Tuesday at 9pm (EST) you are invited to join in by dialing 1-302-202-1104
Then enter your Private Code:  110768
In this class I will use common examples of how many women disconnect from their man’s heart by doing what they think is the right thing to do in the relationship…. a.k.a ACTION!  This actually repels the man…
I will be introducing my FEMININITY GAUGE – which will help you hop on the Girl Energy Scales and practice getting into your feminine energy – and find a comfortable resting place so attracting men and Re-Attracting Your Man will be effortless.   This will be a lot of FUN so don’t miss out!
I will give you an overview of how the mind can sabotage the heart, and how our DNA gets it wrong nearly every time! 
I will teach you the process to finding your HEART so you authentically connect with your man.  Connecting to his heart is how you get his love and keep it that way!
My Special Guest Speaker will be the beautiful Helena Hart!
Helena was integral in my decision to become a Certified Rori Raye Relationship Coach.  I have worked with Helena personally to help shift my vibe and energy OFF the Man, and onto Myself during a time when… I didn’t even really like myself! I was so wrapped up in the man, I didn’t know where I began and he ended.
Helena will share her wisdom and her program, Feminine Art of Attraction Guide with us and MORE!
Please join us this Tuesday (6/7/16) for the FREE and LIVE call-in class at 9pm EST.
Oh and –> Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel.
One lucky subscriber will win a month of e-mail coaching! (Contest ends June 15, 2016)
See you on Tuesday!
Thank you for reading!
​​​​​​​You can email me at
Always in love,

Adrienne Everheart

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