LOVE ACADEMY – LIVE CLASS MAY 4th with Adrienne Everheart
April 13, 2019
Get OUT of his head
May 29, 2019

Why should you trust me? Let me tell you…

I’m a success story.

Hello there Beautiful,

Today is the last day to sign up for my one-day dating class, FEMM, at the super low cost of $17. I hope you can attend!

Some of you may be asking, “Why should I trust you, Adrienne? There are SO many coaches out there, what makes you and your material different?”

Please allow me to illustrate 🙂

I don’t oversell or over-promote myself. In this email I share a few of my ‘bragging rights’ which are really LEMONS I turned into LEMONADE.
For example, I rarely share material from other coaches because there are SO FEW that I connect with for one reason or another.
For one, I was divorced in my late 30s and ‘out there’ in the dating world for sometime.
I am now happily married after enduring LOADS of breakups and heartbreak.
I am also getting closer to age 50 than 40.
A lot of coaches don’t fall in this category.
I consider myself a Proven Success and ALWAYS said once I figured it all out, I would share my story and teachings with every woman I could possibly reach.
I am systematic and logical by nature (boy energy, yeah!)
I’ve used myself and many clients as Guinea Pigs for reversing heartbreak, dating with purpose, and taking the steps required to create commitment and marriage.
I’ve been able to break dating down into bite-sized pieces that get YOU positive results.


My Spirit & Knowledge

I’ve also studied Law of Attraction principles since about age 14 thanks to a New Age church my Grandma used to take me to.
When ‘The Secret’ was released it was really no secret at all to me, although I am very happy LOA is now relatively mainstream.
I am fortunate to have been turned on to transforming my life with authors such as Louise Hay, Abraham/Esther Hicks, Deepak Chopra, Eilenne Caddy, Wayne Dyer, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Sri Swami Satchindananda and Meher Baba.
I’ve always attracted powerful teachers and I am so grateful for the knowledge they have passed on to me.  Now I get to share it all with YOU.
At one point I even turned down a lucrative job working for Tony Robbins to instead start my own coaching business for women.
Lastly, you will not find me in a designer sequin gown unless I’m attending a fundraiser formal. I’m a very down-to-earth coach.
I work for YOU, and I take my job and
role in your love life very seriously.
I experienced  the heartbreak of losing my first husband and all our dreams including children.
I got right back out there in the world, lost my job, suffered a health crisis, attracted losers, abusers and heart-breakers, narcissists, liars and dead-broke clingers who took me and my fragile heart for a bumpy ride.
I look forward to meeting you all in FEMM TOOLS class and am excited to learn how your love life can be rejuvinated.
Don’t forget you get access to your very own FEMM Library FULL of my most coveted guides and support materials.
There are many items inside your library waiting for you to explore! (More than pictured here!)


Much love to you!



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