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August 20, 2017
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November 11, 2017

Why Men Go Ghost Instead of Commit

Hi there Beautiful!
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Now, about this GHOSTING stuff men can do…
So often I hear about men coming on strong in the beginning then going GHOST, which means literally disappearing from your life – as if he were dead.
I’ve created a short list to help you understand WHY some men do this, and how you can best cope and protect yourself from ‘unwanted ghosts.’  (I mean, who ever really WANTS a ghost?)
Before you call GHOSTBUSTERS (ah, you knew it was coming!) check out my list and Video too!
Why Men Go Ghost Instead of Commit
  1. He’s not ready – and you know it. Some part of you really wants to believe this man is ready for a loving, committed relationship but another part of yourself – the honest adult- KNOWS he’s still transitioning into a real MAN.So if he spends more time with his boys, cars, video games or is just too busy for you – take heed and protect yourself from this man – put yourself first and stop trying to force him to evolve. If he’s to really become a MASCULINE MAN that claims you, you can’t do the work for him.
  2. He can’t compete! You’re a stellar, powerful, dynamite woman and you’ve got your life together, and he doesn’t.He can’t compete, and men won’t compete with a woman.If you find a man is arguing with you, creating problems where there are none, he’s likely struggling in his own masculinity and taking his shortcomings out on powerful, amazing YOU. Eventually he will walk away sullen and offer excuses about him needing to ‘put his life together’ as he gently backs out the door.
  3. He likes you, he can’t quit you, but he can’t KEEP you either. He’s just having too much fun with you to stop.You see, men live IN THE MOMENT.Women are often thinking, “where’s this going?” Yet men are in the moment, thinking thoughts like, “oh my gosh, what color underwear will she be wearing today?”If you ask a man you’ve been dating regularly, “where do you see us going?” Which is totally OK to do after a good series of dates – he will more often than not be 110% honest with you.It may not be the answer you want to hear, but you’ll either get a clear answer or a vague jumble of words.See what your gut says about his response. If he’s just keeping you as a toy, PASS on this man! Start attracting quality masculine men who want to claim you, not just play with you.
  4. He’s sexually immature (see #1 again). You’ve probably heard that men’s DNA urges them to ‘spread their seed.’While biologically this is probably true, a man still wants love, a high-quality woman and a little family to call his own.He wants to be your protector and provider.Yet if he’s in CONQUEST MODE or just not ready, you can’t force him to change.Nothing creates distance faster than forcing your partner to change.Instead, you let him know, “You’ve been great company, and it feels wonderful to spend time together.Yet, I’m seeking a loving, long-lasting relationship that leads to marriage, and I don’t feel we are on the same page… so I’m going to be moving on.”Be ready for the man’s ears to perk up immediately. But don’t use this script to play a game with him.Yes, he may suddenly pursue you and get activated to claim you. OR he may hug you gently and say, ‘Okay, I understand.You deserve better. Bye.”
  5. This entire relationship has been an illusion in your mind, aka, the MAN OWES YOU NOTHING. I know this is not what you want to hear… yet women can create a relationship with a man based on a few actions and words spoken by the man.Yet it means nothing if he introduces you to friends, family, his mom or opens up about his past wounds.A man’s words mean nothing until he backs them up with ACTION.Men are all about taking action — even their sperm stop at nothing to claim an egg.Know that if a man wants you, he too will stop at nothing and, more importantly, if he wants to move beyond ‘just dating you’ to a relationship, he will tell you.Be sure you then work out what a ‘relationship’ means, and you both openly discuss the terms and conditions.Like how often you see one another, sexual exclusivity, if a ring is involved and so on.
I hope these tips will allow you to see your inner power as a soft yet strong woman, and not just a ghost-catcher.

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