The Answer to Heartbreak & Hot/Cold Men
December 30, 2017
[VIDEO] How to Talk to a Man 101 – Activate Your Man Magnet
April 20, 2018

[Vblog] Get the man, marriage and get paid!

Hello Gorgeous,
Don’t let another year pass you by without learning HOW TO TALK TO A MAN. 
Treat yourself to my BESTSELLING eBook,
“500 Ways to Talk to a Man” plus the 2-Day Video Classes and learn how to speak to a man in a way that pulls him closer.
This books puts all your worries to rest.  It covers every problem or concern imaginable.
From this moment forward, this can be the year you attract and build the loving partnership you’re seeking PLUS
health and wealth!
This Vlog is dated yet still holds true.  I want to share with you my 2018resolutions Intentions – and how you can attract quality men, even NON-Marrying types to:
  • Pursue You
  • Ask your hand in Marriage
  • Set a Date for the Wedding
  • Build a deep and loving BOND that LASTS
Even if you’re starting over and new to dating again (again), you can discover ALL the tools and secrets to have the warm, loving and passionate connection your heart desires.
Let’s make this year the year you TURN IT ALL AROUND!
Adrienne Everheart
With love always,
Adrienne Everheart

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