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January 26, 2016
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Practicing With a Man at Starbucks…

Recently I ran into a man at Starbucks that I had met some time ago, back when I was single. He had not forgotten me, and called out my name twice to get my attention as I was making my order.

I decided to sit and chat with him for a moment, and catch up.

He lowered the screen on his laptop, and eagerly told me all the things that had been going on in his life since we saw each other last. He had traveled to China and Thailand, written new music, and now he was now looking for an apartment where he could play his guitar, yet not bother anyone with the noise.

Then something happened to me…    pug

I shifted from my Feminine Goddess energy of leaning back, to my masculine energy of leaning forward.

I voluntarily began to help him with his apartment search. I offered locations I knew of with apartments for rent. Then I suggested a local school that offers artists space he could use for practice. My mind was in fix-it mode.

Something had triggered me, and I had shifted into my masculine energy of doing, and fixing him, and he didn’t like it.

In that moment I forgot that he’s a man, he’s capable of finding an apartment all on his own…

What was I doing coaching and making suggestions to him? After all, he hadn’t asked for my help.


eyes His eyes said it all. I noticed his eyes were now staring down at the keyboard of his computer.  He was looking bored… or maybe it was more a look of the wind being let out from his sails.


I could feel that the energy had dropped out of our conversation.


His face looked dour, and now that I was aware of the shift, I switched back into my feminine energy as fast as I could.


Guys really express more emotion than we give them credit.  So many times I have been bored in a conversation, and instead I smile and act brightly interested.


shoulders“Shoulders down,” I told myself.

I also noticed my elbows were propped on the table, and I was physically leaning in. So I shifted my weight back into my seat.

Even though I am spoken for, circular dating really never has to end, as it’s more about an energy exchange. So I sent some non-verbal’s his way, and twirled my hair, and smiled.

He then looked up at me with warmth returning to his face, and sighed, “Yeah, I think I can find the right place.”

“Ok,” I said, and tilted my head to the side. “It really does feels great to see you..” I began.

He then interrupted me and said, “You’re looking more beautiful than ever…”

I blushed, he blushed (another great non-verbal) and I replied, “Oh that feels so good to hear. “

We smiled at one another for a second, and the masculine and feminine energy exchange was back ON. The conversation felt fun and invigorating once again!

 guitar Our conversation went back to his travels, and he asked many questions about me as well.

I practiced feeling statements on him, “Oh! I felt like I was walking on air when I finally completed my bathroom renovation,” I shared. His eyes would light up every time I talked about my feelings.

It felt wonderfully relaxing to not be in fix-it mode, and simply allow myself to be admired and appreciated and surrounded by masculine energy.


I said goodbye to the music man, and returned to my car where I then received a text from my man:

“Just thinking about you.  Hope your day is a good one.”


Maybe it’s just a coincidence, yet you will find the more you practice the TOOLS that get you into your feminine energy, the more masculine energy will come your way… which then increases your feminine vibe… it’s like a snowball effect.


How does this all work?


How can a man sense the woman he desires is receiving another man’s masculine energy?


I’m not sure! But it sure feels good to be desired.


And glimmering Goddess energy begets more glimmering Goddess energy.


The more Goddess Energy you have, the more it surrounds you! So go out and “flirt” with the world. Consciously be in your feminine energy with your relationships with men.  Lean back, and take a break from solving everyone’s problems and see how the conversation unfolds without any direction or control.


You will feel relaxed, and so will your partner. By leaning back, you will be much more attractive and appealing to your man, and you will gain the confidence that only being in your feminine energy can bring.


I hope my Starbucks experience is testimony to how important it is to practice being in your feminine energy. My ebook, “500 Ways to Talk to a Man,” will help you go deeper into the process.

Always in love,


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