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December 15, 2016
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December 31, 2016

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2017 Is On Your Heels

 Where will you be this time, next year?

The Holiday Season is upon us and I hope you are loving every moment. In North Carolina it is finally feeling like wintry weather and my local news channel calls this “CUDDLE WEATHER.”
Several years ago I was embracing Cuddle Weather, Christmas and New Years all on my own.
I spent Christmas Eve alone in my living room staring out the window. I watched happy couples stroll the sidewalk hand in hand.
I was confused, lonely and crying.  What did they have that I didn’t?
I decided right then and there — that in the New Year I wanted to dig deep and become a woman who would soon become a wife. No longer just a girlfriend, or a dating-loser-magnet, but a wife in a loving and committed realtionship.
I decided that by this time next year, I’d be in the loving arms of a man and my heart’s desires would be unfolding.  I was done with “trying harder” to make a relationship work, and I wasn’t going to appease men who were not stepping up.
I’m happy to say ALL of my affirmations have and are coming true.  I used these tools for myself and I use them for my clients.  They work SO WELL,  I designed a low-cost program so you can join in too.

2017 could be a MAJOR life-love-changing year for you.

And I’m offering something SPECIAL to start the year off right. My latest program…



2017 is the year to say “YES” to your heart.

Here’s what the ‘New Man Manifesto’ Looks Like…

Here’s What You Will Receive+ 6 Weekly Group Session – class will last an hour or longer.

+ A one-on-one Question & Answer Session during each class.

+ Worksheets to do in-between class to get you focused and on track toward your Forever Guy.

+ Email access to me while we are working together – prior to each class for questions.

+ Lifetime Access to my Love Academy Class recordings.+ Exciting Special Guests to accompany and enhance the new tools you will be learning.

I’m offering this for just $479 … (payment plans are available too.)

This is far less than what I typically charge for private coaching!

I know this is a last-minute-end-of-the-year-decision – Remember I was in your shoes, sitting on my sofa watching all the couples stroll by.

If you are Really Truly Ready to find the man you desire this year, I am here for you ready to show you how.

This program is for you if you’re already somewhat familiar with Rori Raye Tools, if you’re eager to attract a new type of man your way, and if you’re a woman who is ready to find long-lasting love.

My New Man Manifesto program will challenge and change your relationship with men, dating, commitment, and most importantly YOU!

This program is for the woman who no longer wants to stand alone, but with a loving partner by her side.

This is the absolute BEST value I can offer — and it will not be offered again. EVER.

Send an email my way if you have any questions about attracting your New Man or Book a Discovery Call

With Me if you haven’t already.

  • We’re going to get you & your home man-ready
  • get specific about the man and relationship you desire
  • and SET a date for when he will arrive.

Starting the first week of February we are going to dig deep and get your love life on track.

Each Week you will be part of a group call  where I take you through the following:

+ release old patterns of thinking about men and relationships
+ find your Diamond Girl within – what makes you shine
+ a Circular Dating Spreadsheet – so you can find what works (and what doesn’t)
+ a Customized Daily Mantra that guides your man towards you. This one step alone works amazingly well!
+ Access to “500 Ways to Talk to a Man” Scripting Guide – so you can find your feminine voice and speak with confidence to any man in any situation.
+ Me and You, one-on-one during each call — diving deep into how your life is transforming this week and where you need additional support.
+Grow and Heal with “your sisters” as we all learn, share and move together.
New Man Manifesto is a 6-Week Intensive Group Program
+ We will map out and hone in on your Forever Man and create a plan that leads him to you.
+ We are going to discover the most feminine & feeling version of you…
+ We cultivate how you’re going to show up in the dating world, in person, your dating profile and your online photos.
+ We will find out what a loving realtionship looks and feels like  to you in 2017 and beyond.
WE USE RORI RAYE TOOLS for weekly dates, scripting, flirting and more!
+ Whether it’s the man in front of you or the man in line at Starbucks — each week we are going to focus on specific tools that Draw Men Closer and allow you to PRACTICE.
+ We go deeper into scripting for: when he talks about his ex, when to have sex, if he triggers you, if you’re bored, if he’s unattractive, if you’re falling for him FAST or if you miss YOUR EX…
+ We practice moving away from perfection and how to experiment with dating a man that is completely different than what you’re looking for.  This is a fun and eye-opening experiment!
+ You will become irresistible to any man – by finding your feminine voice, stepping away from the familiar, and challenging your boy energy to boost your girl essence.
+ Discover your Inner Saboteur and the Over-Functioning Voice that rules So Many Women!
+Find out who you are and who you desire for 2017 and beyond – for 6 weeks this is your focus.

Our deepest fear is that we are powerful

beyond measure.– Marianne Williamson


P.S. I want to keep this group size small… so I’m keeping this offer exclusive for those on my mailing list.  I want you to have first dibs on joining this amazing program.

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