What Makes a Man Commit to You For Life?
March 11, 2019
Why should you trust me? Let me tell you…
April 28, 2019

LOVE ACADEMY – LIVE CLASS MAY 4th with Adrienne Everheart

Create an exciting dating life that leads to a loving long-lasting relationship, marriage and beyond.

So many Feminine Energy tools, yet how to use them all?

I’m offering a ONE DAY class on dating for SINGLE WOMEN who want to create a lasting connection with a quality man that leads to a loving long-lasting relationship, marriage and beyond.

Sign up here: https://everheartcoaching.com/femmtools

No more waiting by the phone, scraping up crumbs from non-available men or feeling hopeless about meeting the right man.

You deserve a LIFE & LOVE LIFE that feels as natural and comforting as your favorite yoga pants!

Imagine being able to speak to men feeling confident, sincere and honest with your every word. You can sense the connection is happening and you’re feeling a warm vibe from the man. You can literally feel his energy moving TOWARDS you.

Now MULTIPLY that feeling times 5.

Imagine 5 High Quality Men moving towards you, all with warmth, sincerity and a desire to claim YOU.

Then you get to PICK ONE!

This is how it can unfold for you.  I struggled for so long in my masculine energy, driving away man after man with my agenda, impossible ‘must have’ list, expectations and power-tripping boy energy.

Sign up here: https://everheartcoaching.com/femmtools

I lost my first husband, a loving and diligent provider. We tried countless therapists and alternative healing. I read endless self-help books but nothing we did could fix us.  Looking back, I was trying to control him and everything in our life and not allowing him to be the MAN.

Now divorced and in my late 30s, the next man that came along swooped me up and filled me with ‘just words.’  I lived off his crumbs and gave him everything trying to make the relationship work. Yet once I lost my job and was affected by an illness, he dumped  me and never spoke to me again.  I was left to rebuild my life, no job, with a serious eye condition, grieving the loss of a pet and my heart shattered in pieces.

Devastated yet hopeful,  I began dating, taking coaching courses and reading everything I could on dating and relationships. I learned a TON of bad stuff and some good. I was able to put things together I had learned in college while studying Gender Issues in Literature, Psychology and all the self-work I had invested in.

NOW, I am happily married to an amazing MASCULINE energy man who pursues me daily, has an amazing career, cares for me, my pets, our home and anything else important to me. My guy Jeff and I endured three painful breakups, which meant continued learning for me, to TEACH YOU.

I now offer a proven Get Him Back program.  It truly works!

Sign up here: https://everheartcoaching.com/femmtools

I’m so thrilled to offer you my next LIVE CLASS, happening May 4th, 2019.  It’s all about navigating through dating, texting, dating apps and creating a new relationship.

So often women are TRICKED by dating. We fall for a man’s desire to claim us quickly, then when he begins to fade off by month three we are devastated, angry and feel betrayed.

No more LOST TIME dating men who are time wasters. I teach you how to IDENTIFY time wasters quickly and attract quality men who want to build a lasting love.

FEMM TOOLS IN ACTION is a ONE DAY RETREAT to get your love life on track!

Sign up here: https://everheartcoaching.com/femmtools

This is YOUR chance to fully understand FEMM TOOLS!

How to use your tools while on a dating app.

How to write an amazing profile.

How to speak to a man with FEM ENERGY no matter what is being said.

How to pull a man towards you and Magnetize him with your Feminine Power!

How to let a man see you as a Goddess on a Pedestal yet feel a STRONG desire to protect and claim you.

Learn to speak in a very simple way that invites him into your heart so he falls in LOVE with you.

How to let your sensitivity, spirituality and compassion shine without DOING or GIVING to the man.

How to date with kids, exes and job/schedule demands.

We’ll talk finances, sex and when to have “the talk”!

You’ll learn a specific dating pattern that MOST MEN do and how to navigate calm and cool in your relaxed FEMM vibe.

You’ll understand why the non-applicable man is integral to your dating success!

Understand how to harness your powerful feminine energy when you feel out of control and want to DO or SAY things you’ll regret.

End useless texting. Be immediately seen as a high quality woman. Date on YOUR schedule, NOT HIS.

You’ll understand how your MINDSET allows you to choose and attract Quality Men.

Exercises to experiment with men PURSUING you so you connect with how that feels and can use those tools so that every man you meet pursues you.

Learn how to keep attraction and affection on-going and HOT!

Avoid common mistakes that repel men and send him the other way.

Discover the hidden reason you sabotage your relationships, friendship and even family ties.

This class will include bonus affirmations, tool audios, and PDFs as well!

Sign up here: https://everheartcoaching.com/femmtools

Sign Up EARLY and SAVE!  Just $17 USD if you sign up before April 28th.

$25 if you register later than the 29th.

Class will be on my PRIVATE VIDEO ROOM in ZOOM! You’ll have access to live chat with me and in a community with other women to discuss with as well.

See you there,

Adrienne Everheart

Sign up here: https://everheartcoaching.com/femmtools




  1. shauna says:

    What time does it start and finish? I suppose it also depends on your time zone… I would like to see if it will fit in with my other commitments.

    • Adrienne says:

      Hi a recording will be available plus there the times should be listen on the link: Everheartcoaching.com/femmtools
      Xoxo! Adrienne

  2. Sharon says:


  3. Yvonne Pilgrim says:

    What time is the class?
    I live in Alabama Central Time Zone.

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