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July 6, 2016
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December 15, 2016

Honest Advice on Commitment – Turtle Time!

Honest Advice on Commitment & Anger

If you want a man’s Heart For Life, it’s all about Loving the Turtle within.

If you’ve experienced a coaching session with me, or subscribed to my YouTube Channel, you know all too well I don’t believe in giving up on Love… Or, I don’t believe in giving up easily on a man you LOVE.

A woman always knows when the time is right to end a relationship for good.

Yet if a man is moving slowly with your heart, or he’s backed off for a bit – here’s one reason why I believe this Man is in Your Life: He’s teaching you PATIENCE.

Men move at two speeds with romance and commitment — QUICK like a rabbit, then sloooooow like a turtle, respectively.

Men rush into certain things with a woman… Then long lasting commitment moves slowly – until one day… BAM! He decides it’s YOU and he rushes in like a bunny once again.

We as women move much more steadily and confidently in love when we’ve found The One.

Yet, so we often get impatient… and then ANGRY when a man doesn’t move at the speed we desire.

Yet truly capturing a man’s heart and building a long-lasting, trustworthy love happens in the “turtle phase.”

When you accept the man just the way he is (compassion) the man then feels Safe to Trust You with His Heart for Life.

When You Trust Him and give him the time and space he needs, he in return feels safe and trusts you.  He’s not rushed, he’s loved just the way he is — which is often careful, scared and in a slow moving planning phase.

Leaning back isn’t easy to do if your focus is on PROGRESS – so be sure and put your Boy Energy to work and make progress in other areas of your life. This shifts your focus off the man and onto you — which makes your highly desirable in a man’s eyes.

Understand that Compassion is different than Tolerating a relationship that does not feel good for years and years.

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