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Here’s A Quick Way To Get Men You Desire To Notice Your Profile and Come Your Way!

The good news – You have several messages waiting in your online dating inbox.

The bad news  – None of these guys are even close to the type of man you want to attract.

Online dating can feel disappointing and be exhausting, but you can turn this around. There are actually many things you can do, but I’m going to begin with one that is easy to start with right now, so you can see results quickly.

Rule Number One: Start Right Where You Are

Accepting where you are right now is going to help because you can immediately begin changing things, by changing your attitude towards the men that are coming your way.  Even if you’re not attracted to the men sitting in your inbox, and their profiles read as if a 3rd grader wrote it – these are men who have found you desirable and want to take you on a date.

But why should you care? This isn’t the type of man you want to attract!

It’s easy to see what we don’t want.  For example, I am an avid animal lover and for the longest time my online dating profile was attracting hunters my way. I  received profile after profile of men in camouflage with guns,  proudly showing off their most recent deer (or insert other animal here) kill. It was a total turn off!

Maybe it was deer season?! But at some point I realized these men were very proud of their kills.  They were out to show me (and other women) that they were expert hunters and could provide.  It was Caveman 101. Once I began to look at it differently, I soon attracted a man who was a practicing vegetarian, and began dating him long term.

So what can you do to turn this around, and begin pulling quality men into your inbox?

I’m a big believer in what we put out is what we attract, and day after day I witness the power of expressing gratitude. It is simple enough, but the power of gratitude has now been scientifically proven to work.

A great example is from my mentor Rori Raye. She has described how men are “shooting arrows your way” when they make an attempt to flirt with you. They also shoot arrows towards you via your online dating inbox. Be it the uninvited glances of a man who notices you in line at the grocery store, or a slew of emails from guys that don’t meet your basic requirements. Arrow-arrow-arrow, all heading your way.

Starting now, express thanks/gratitude to these men who are noticing you, and accept their arrows as you would a kind stranger who offers you flowers. These guys are putting themselves out there and making the effort to say, “Hey!  Pretty girl!  Please pick me!”


On a side note: Imagine a world where both men and women shot arrows equally. Thankfully it’s not in our girl DNA to shoot arrows at every attractive man we see.

Accept His Arrows


Masculine energy shoots the arrow and feminine energy either accepts/absorbs it, or you can politely thank the man, gather up the arrows, and put them in a pretty vase decorating your entryway table. Let the man know you appreciate him taking a shot, and then keep on your path… ready to receive more arrows.

Your heart is now open and willing to accept a man’s invitation, this is what matters most.

I’m not suggesting you verbally say “thanks but no thanks” to every man you’re not interested in. This is more about welcoming and accepting masculine energy in your direction, no matter the source.

Accept it, appreciate it, and know that MORE is on the way!

In your inbox, send a silent “thank you” as you delete a guy’s message that does not interest you.  In public a quick smile but disinterested look away can say, “Thanks for the arrow, but not interested in you.”

Allow yourself to feel like a sought-after, highly desired movie star – with your fans beckoning your notice. Instead of feeling disappointment at the men or offers coming your way, appreciate their arrows and allow your heart to open for more, more, more!

Start practicing this tool, and give it about two weeks for your “inbox tide” to begin to turn. Your circle of men will increase and with that will come more arrows, and more quality men. They will be drawn to you because your heart is open to them, you’re accepting, and you’re kind to their heart, and most importantly you are open and ready to receive their arrow.

Adrienne Everheart



  1. Soshana21 says:

    I really appreciate your updates and blog. I tried what you suggested and all the men who were out of my age range and not attractive to me I thanked them for writing and then hit delete. LOL!

    A few guys who wrote me long and nice messages I wrote back a thank you note but that I was not interested. After I cleaned out my inbox I was surprised to get a message from a man I like who is only 20 miles away, taller than me, educated, and who had great photos and a well written profile! If you see me dancing, it’s because I’m happy! This worked very quickly for me. It had been months of not much going on! Thank U!!!

  2. WonderfulOne says:

    I’m going to try this and I can already see how it would work. Too often I’m disgusted by guys I see online who reply to my profile. I’m not sure where some guys get off thinking I would reply! Then things dry up for a while. So I am going to thank them, accept their arrows like you say and keep my heart open. Thank you Adrienne! <3 <3 <3

  3. BBallGirl84 says:

    I don’t have an online profile as I am in a relationship. How can I use this to help me? It’s not that I want to make my boyfriend jealous but if he doesn’t step up soon, I want out. I’m sick of waiting. Ready to be engaged and looking to be married. Help!

  4. Thanks a bunch! It is definitely an amazing site!.

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