How Scripting Brought My Husband to Me
July 6, 2017
Why Men Go Ghost Instead of Commit
October 4, 2017

Fast Track to Dating & Relationship Success

Join Myself & Coach Helena Hart


3-Day Dating & Relationship Intensive


Do you feel STUCK attracting men who are NOT your type, NOT your quality of man, or just NOT that into you?

Get on the fast track to turning it all around.



  • Five full video classes days jam-packed with tools, advice, scripting and more to get you from Heartbroken to Happily Ever After.

  • Recorded Demos and Q&A answered LIVE by Master Coaches & Teachers, Adrienne Everheart & Helena Hart.

  • Dating Un-Zipped Sex Guide – When to sleep with a man and when to wait. How to talk about sexual exclusivity, STD’s and more. (VIP Library!)

  • The Over-Investment Process – How to keep your heart safe yet unzip, feel vulnerable and deeply connect with a man.

  • Invite Him Into Your Bedroom – A step-by-step bedroom (and home) feng-shui guide to attract and bring forth the loving relationship you desire.  Very Powerful Stuff!

  • Dating Unzipped Guide – Being Unzipped is about more than leaning back and feeling statements.  It’s a vibe, a way of thinking and being. HINT: this works when you’re already ‘plugged in.’ Get the secrets and tools to activate the man’s heart you desire by practicing on the men that come towards you.

  • When Online Dating Terrifies – An overview of dating apps, with ratings and usability. Includes valuable and savvy dating tips to keep safe in person and online, while also opening your heart to the men you meet.

  • Proven Dating Profile & Photo Help – Easy to use processes for profile writing and photo selection. Includes a comprehensive look into Quantum Dating, Dating Unzipped and how to apply this new thinking and being to your profile and photos.  Essential profile writing designed to build a foundation with a man that grows into a relationship. Discover the heart of using your photos to attract the quality men you’re seeking. Designed for those seeking men to practice on and also developing a long-lasting love.

  • “7 Steps to Attract the Right Man for You” by Helena Hart – You’ll receive the newly published, not yet released book “ 7 Steps”.  Helena is the author of many books and a valuable contributor to Rori Ray’s programs and materials. You won’t find this gem anywhere except in this exclusive program.

The cost is only $99 for TWO PROGRAMS and will not be offered at this low price again.

You Can Attract the Man You Are MEANT to Be With.

You Can Repair & Reclaim Lost Love.

You Can Call Forth the Loving Relationship You Desire.

HB2HEA (Heartbroken to Happily Ever After) takes you from heartbreak to happiness in 3 days.

Here’s more what you will receive:


  • Proven Steps to walk you through the process of heartbreak into a place of peace and happiness.

  • How to turn a HOT & COLD man into a man that pursues you.

  • Learn how to attract men with your energy and thinking.

  • How to Write playful emails & texts that get responses.

  • How to Write a Positive and Plugged-In dating profile.

  • Rules & Boundaries that actually make a man crave & desire you.

  • How to stop beating yourself up and allow the man you’re meant to be with to show up.

  • Gain valuable tools that FIX your communication problems with men

  • Solve dating problem for good such as habitual texters, one-night-stands, aloofness and more.

  • Maintain and grow the relationship you have with your current man with Quantum Dating.

  • Revive a past love or recent breakup with Quantum Dating.

  • Carefully designed steps to reunite you with the man you love or call forth the man you’re meant to be with.

  • Learn how to ask for what you need without sounding insecure or needy.

  • Break old patterns with men and feel excited about finding love.

  • Attract quality men who desire a loving relationship instead of forcing outcomes on particular man.

  • How to approach men you are attracted to while speaking from your feminine energy.

  • And so much more!

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