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March 30, 2016
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Reverse a Heartbreak and Breakup – Free Call-In Class

After a breakup - when your heart feels things just are not over... How to reconnect and rebuild with your man.

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Reverse a Breakup & Heartbreak – FREE Call-In Class

This Tuesday during my Live Call-In Class we will be discussing:
The Secret Formula to Heartbreak and How To Reverse it.
Joining me, will be my trainer and personal relationship coach, the beautiful and oh-so-talented Dominique Christine!
Dom gave me 2 Very Important Tools that saved my relationship from the depths of breakup!
We will be sharing my story, and real life Success Stories and Testimonials from women just like you – that I’ve coached and helped bring lost love back into their life for good!
What makes some relationships flourish for a lifetime, yet others come to a dead end?
#1 What Was Your Your Jumping Off Point: Where were you emotionally, financially, mentally and physically when the relationship started?
Were you dealing with a health issue?
Were you newly divorced or single?
Starved for attention? Not dating anyone in a long time?
Refinancing your house or dealing with financial issues?
New job or losing your job?
Grieving a loss?
Dealing with anxiety, low self-esteem, or depression?
Recovering from a previous heartbreak?
If you started your relationship in a weak or low place emotionally, physically, even spiritually,  this increases your chances for heartbreak.
#2 Were the first 3-6 months a whirlwind?
Did the two of you experience:
The best love-making of your life?
Shopping trips?
Talk of marriage?
Looking at rings?
Moving in together?
These are a few things that are included in the Secret to Heartbreak.
“…Because when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.” – when Harry Met Sally
Find out why Harry and Sally got it wrong the first few times around, and how you can reverse this action.
#3 You Lost Yourself…. Quickly
When I found this photo, I knew I had to share it with you all. Early into a relationship that eventually failed miserably, and ended in total heartbreak and obsession began it’s downward spiral with me sitting at home on the 4th of July… wishing things were different.
I love celebrating holidays. July 4th, Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day – yet here I was totally losing my identity and sitting at home with a man who “preferred to avoid the crowds.”
Maybe you’ve done something similar?
His Life, his career, his goals, his interests became Your Life – and you got smaller, and smaller.  Slowly you were getting sucked into a black hole – until one day, you learn he’s lost interest in you.
Because you are not longer the woman he fell in love with, you became so absorbed into his life – you lost yours.
Finding yourself again can take a lot of time and patience, yet I have some tips on how to speed this process up so you never lose yourself in a man again. Instead you keep him on his toes, and deeply interested in who you are.  This is what pulls a man closer to you and keeps him there.
#4 He came on Hot and Heavy –
Okay – so maybe he wasn’t quite divorced…
Or his ex is lingering a little too close for comfort…
Yet he’s amazing in bed…and can be so charming!
And he has about 30k in credit card debt that you knew of…
He was between jobs when you first met…
And he’s had back luck in love – he never had a relationship last past 6 months, or he’s 46 and never married…
Somewhere around the 3rd date he asked to borrow your car – or maybe he has no car…
He’s up and down – he cries a lot, he yells a lot, he’s drinking more – or you found evidence of drugs…
And now you are in LOVE…
Then there is you!!!
Luscious, amazing, loving you – you’re there for him, you’re nothing like his ex, or soon-to-be ex-wife.  You’re sooooo different.  You’re what he has been searching for..  he talks you WAY UP!
#5 Until… until… you hit a speed bump and you see another side of him…
It could have been a really tiny argument.
He could have “created” the argument, or brought up something from the past.
He might say something way out of the blue like, “I was only in this relationship because you wanted me to be here.”
It makes no sense whatever happened and why.
A heart-breaker will find ANY reason to bolt, and they often blame you.
Your brain will go into fix it mode. This is where coaching can be so beneficial because I help you activate your feminine energy, get you into your MUCH NEEDED feelings, and fix what got you here in the first place.
REMEMBER: A healthy relationship includes:
Speaking to one another with love and kindness, no name calling, no profanity, no yelling… it he does this to you once (and you stick around), he will do it more.
He sticks around through the tough times… if he walks away or disappears for 2 days or 2 weeks… this is not how love and support work.
He Stops calling and stops texting…
He cuts you off from sex…
He makes you WORK to earn his attention – if this is happening the masculine and feminine roles have been reversed.
I can help you get back on track – and fast.
#7 Meanwhile your world feels as if it is ending.
You beg him back, and he takes his time deciding.
You confess all the ways you want to change the things you did wrong… You’re in action mode, fixing it… Meanwhile your value is going down…down…down…in his eyes.
But what if you did push him away?  What if you told him off, and read him the riot act six ways from Sunday?
I can help you get things back on track that will demonstrate personal growth and leave the unproductive past in the past.
Many women suffer from a fear of intimacy that exceeds that of men.
I invite you to join me for next week’s FREE Call-In Class to learn how to reverse heartbreak, mend the relationship, and prepare for a brighter relationship starting right now…
Things can get better with the man you love! Many couples who recover from heartbreak or a break-up can get back together and are stronger than before. 
Please join us: TUESDAY, MAY 3rd at 9PM EST

Sign up at EverheartCoaching.com/blog

Always in love,
Adrienne Everheart
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