You don't have to struggle anymore. Your relationship can feel stable, warm & loving.

Looking back, I really didn't know how to be in a healthy & loving relationship.

I dating one man at a time and would get invested quickly.

I felt insecure, scared of losing love yet instead of being warm and open.

I was often angry at the man I loved for not doing or being what I needed. I was controlling and needy.

Nothing I said or did felt right and happiness was fleeting.

You don't have to make the same mistakes I did.

If long-lasting love & commitment is what you desire, I encourage you to take charge of your love life.

Let's set a time to talk and begin healing & strengthening your relationship in ways you never knew were possible.

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To be successful at anything, you need resources.

I'm at PRO at several things when it comes to relationships. I have successfully reconnected couples after a breakup and created a stronger bond than before.

I've helped so many women attract and re-attract a man that has grown distant, and each day I teach women how to speak to men in new ways that bond you tightly to his heart.

Whether you are seeking to strengthen a failing relationship, reconnect after a breakup, or build something brand new - I invite you to treat yourself to a coaching session with me.

I can show you tools that work quickly, to re-attract your man, strengthen love, and nurture a calm, confident, and more lovable you.

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If you're not quite ready for 1:1 coaching, I offer Intensives, Classes and a top selling book, "500 Ways to Talk to a Man," that will show you how to create the loving & passionate relationship you desire.

Hi, This is Adrienne Everheart, and I’m so happy you found me.

What if you could get your love life onto the track marked “True Love” instead of the one that leads to endless dead ends?

What if all it took was talking personally with a relationship coach who knows how to help you turn your love life – whether you’re dating, in a relationship, or married – around quickly and permanently?

It’s what we all want, and you can have it. I know you can.

Love and Relationship aren’t like they used to be.

Technology, texting, Facebook, online dating, gaming, social networking, porn, email, the economy have all changed how dating works, how we communicate in relationships, and how private we can be.

Men seem to be more confused and less interested in commitment, dating feels like a minefield.
Your girlfriends aren’t having success in love, and it’s easy to commiserate with them and give up.

It’s easy to search out “experts” who promise strategies and “rules” with men, and to try to find out simple solutions to your complex situation – and it’s disappointing when you don’t get the results you want. This isn't about simply Getting Him Back - it's about KEEPING HIM. This work is about feeling loved, understood, and cared for by a man, knowing you have his heart all tied up - with no doubts!

That’s why I became a love and relationship coach, and because of the way I work – I can help you with your unique situation in a different way.

A way that WORKS.

No matter what we read and what videos we watch, we’re all held back in love by our past training. We all have specific “systems” in place that chain us to our old patterns and old results.

We start a great, hot relationship with a man, and then feel devastated when he suddenly disappears.

Or when the fighting or cheating starts.

Coaching with me 1:1, or starting with my eBook, "500 Ways," Will Give You the Answers and Solutions You Want If:

  • You don’t understand why you’re not attracting the love of your life
  • You “hate” dating, and expect all men to let you down
  • You think you’ve met Mr. Right – and he turns out to be just another guy who doesn’t know what he wants
  • The man you’re with is withdrawing and withholding his attention and affection from you, starting arguments, backing away from sex, spending more time at work and with friends than with           you, and telling you he’s “confused” about what he feels for you.
  • You’re starting to feel insecure – even though you started out totally confident while he was still “pursuing” you.
  • You’re thinking about him so much of the time, you feel almost like you’re losing yourself and the confidence you used to have.
  • You’re married, and feel trapped with a man who has personal “issues” like drinking, depression and family conflicts.
  • The logistics of your relationship are difficult – Long Distance, children, a very present “ex,”
  • You’re concerned about “other women” in the picture – even his female friends.
  • These are just some of the problems I can help you with.

    You will get results that’ll surprise you, shock the man you love now into seeing you completely differently, or “snap-to” the man you’re about to meet.

    It’s a system of “Modern Siren” Tools that work with your natural personality and everything you’ve learned in your love life up to now – to turn everything you believe about men, love and relationship on its head and get you what you truly want!

    Love is all around us – and even though we say we’d give everything to have it – most of us are constantly and unconsciously pushing love away. I can help you stop blocking love, and instead let it come to you in ways you’ve never imagined.

    I look forward to talking with you.

    All in love,

    Adrienne Everheart