December 26, 2016

New Man Manifesto Blog

2017 Is On Your Heels  Where will you be this time, next year? The Holiday Season is upon us and I hope you are loving every […]
December 15, 2016

Vital Advice : Who Is Speaking & Sabotaging the Relationship?

Have You Ever Felt Something… Right Before it Happened? If so… That’s your powerful and intelligent gut talking!    It’s amazing how we can all sense and […]
December 14, 2016

Honest Advice on Commitment – Turtle Time!

Honest Advice on Commitment & Anger If you want a man’s Heart For Life, it’s all about Loving the Turtle within. If you’ve experienced a coaching […]
November 1, 2016

It’s OK to Feel Scared 🎃

Hello Lovely, Business first, and then a few words on feeling scared….. By the way… Happy Halloween!  🎃 I’ve rescheduled the Love Academy Class to November […]